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Winan | James Media is consists of two passionate, adventurous creators who will always respond to questions like "want to go get food?", and "want to go on a road trip?" but you can call us Braden and Maya. We are always in the mood for a new adventure. If you have stories that you need help documenting through photography or videography, we want to hear about it. 

We got our name, Winan | James (pronounced WIN-IN, like winning) Media, after our middle names. Braden James is our lead videographer and photographer, and Maya Winan is our other photographer. We are lucky enough to do what we love with who we love, as we are a real-life couple. 

Want to camp overnight and shoot at sunrise? Dreaming of elopements on the top of a mountain? Is swimming in Lake Superior then warming up with cuddles by the bonfire more your style? Full on traditional wedding rager? Maybe a cozy shoot, drinking coffee and cooking breakfast in the home you built together, is better? We are up for it all and happy to help you plan it out.

You'll find lots of photographers and videographers in the wedding industry say they do this because they "love love."

That has never sat right with us.

I mean, who doesn't "love love"?

We are passionate about stories. Sure, stories about love but not just the last page of the novel with the prince and the princess living happily ever after. We want to see the imperfections: the tears, the giggles (even if you snort), the bear-hugs that knock the breath out of you and the kisses that smoosh your nose and leaves your hair a mess. We want to capture moments for you that you may not remember or see the beauty in until you look back on the photographs and videos. 

Most people are a little nervous or have questions about being in front of the camera; we would love to meet up for a coffee or a beer to chat about your expectation and get to know each other better. Check out our social media for more about us! Your love and your story are unique, tell us about it.

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