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Hi there! First thing's first... Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding day is without a doubt one of the biggest and most special days of your life. No matter how big or intimate, it will be filled with so many important aspects, and your photos are no exception (although I may be a bit biased)!  

I have always appreciated how a simple photo could bring us right back to that moment, that story, and those feelings. When the celebration and festivities are over, you will still be able to relive and share those special moments through beautiful photos. That is just one of the many reasons why I love this job and I would be so honored to help you capture those stolen smiles, happy tears, and beautiful details. 

It's my goal to keep things simple, relaxed, and fun! That way, you can just focus on you and your love. Hit me up and let's grab a coffee (or wine) and get to talking about you and your day!! 


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Comments & Reviews

Kia, said on
My husband and I have the privilege of having Tinge Photography as our photographer for our wedding! Noukee(tinge photography) is so much fun to work with! She focuses on what you want and how you want your photos to be like along with what setting you want. She makes it all about YOU. My husband and I don't quite know how to pose and make things look 'romantic' but Noukee goes out of her way to help us be comfortable and relaxed yet, still fun and enjoyable. She's also a very creative and artistic person. Her style is very unique and you'll be surprise how your photos turn out! She not only makes me feel Special, but she goes above and beyond with her service. You can tell she not only loves her job, but also the people that she works with. I highly recommend Tinge Photography. You won't regret it!
Mikayla, said on
My husband and I used Tinge photography for our wedding day! Noukee was amazing. She was able to get us out of our shells so that we were comfortable around the camera. I would always recommend Noukee for weddings she knows how to capture those moments that you always want.
kerrie, said on
We loved having Nou-kee come to our home where she deftly captured our personalilties on film. I've never seen my furnishings look so stylish ! She was even able to put our camera-shy dog at ease, in fact both of our dogs are in the photos, looking almost as adorable as they do in real life. I highly recommend Tinge.
Josette, said on
If my house was on fire, I'd grab my family, pets and...Tinge Photography photos! Noukee is so delightful to work with and the photos are exquisite! My husband and I really do not like being in front of the camera, but Noukee made our shoot so relaxing and fun. She really listened to us about the style we were after. We knew when she left that she had gotten some good ones, but were blown away when she sent us the sneak peeks. Simply stunning!
Laura, said on
My husband and I used Tinge Photography for our family photos. Noukee (owner) has such unique vision. I just let her do her own thing and I am so pleased with how my photos turned out! I hope to have another event soon so we can work together again.

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