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I assume you're here for one reason - to find the best possible photographer! The people I would choose to join me on my most important day would have to be spectacular. 42 is the creation of everything that I could possibly fathom when it comes to the perfect photography. I'd want passionate, creative, positive people on my day who want nothing more than to add fun, excitement and gorgeousness to every moment I'll experience. I suggest we pop a bottle of bubbles and start dreaming together. Let's talk about everything we love and how we want that to be immortalized in our lives. I know why the answer is 42 and you will too. 

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Comments & Reviews

Maria Campbell, said on
Rick, Reyna, and the rest of the Team are THE best! We had 42 Foto cover our Photography and Videography- EVERYONE commented on how amazing they were and how great they were at getting all of the pictures done in a timely manner! A PLUS was how easy it was to work with them and how at ease they made even the lot of Aussies at the wedding. Wouldn't change a THING and CANNOT wait to get the pics and videos back! LOVE them!
Stephanie, said on
We were absolutely overjoyed with our wedding photos! Our photos capture our day perfectly and we teared up looking through our gallery. I can't say enough great things about 42 Foto!
Emma, said on
Rick is a wonderful photographer, and equally, a fantastic person. We had our wedding at Aria, and he was extremely familiar with the venue, as well as the best locations to shoot nearby. Rick made our day so much fun, and his creativity showed in the gallery of photos he sent us a few weeks after our wedding. We are so happy we chose Flow Event Group for our wedding, and can't recommend them enough for all of your wedding needs!

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