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Love makes the world go round! All kinds of LOVE!!

Real people weddings are my kind of weddings. Same sex weddings, wacko weddings, unique situation weddings and any sort of wedding that I get show you extra picture love are my FAVORITE!

You can trust me ~ I will never let you fall. Let me make a picture of you. I will shine picture magic in you and through you... and all the while you will feel safe, loved, and truly seen. There is beauty and joy in each and every one of us…after all, we are truly bright stars wrapped in skin. Photography is merely limitless play with light. And dear friend, the most glorious light comes from within. I see it in you, in all of us. Come, let me show you. 



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Comments & Reviews

Justine Hollenbeck, said on
Autumn made our day so incredibly special. Not just capturing our moments from that day, but just even how she interacted with my family And friends. Because she took the time to know me, our family, my fiancé, she was able to capture something that even brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Both my fiancé and I lost our moms a few years back, Autumn saw a double rainbow and knew that it was our moms beaming over us. She got a beautiful picture of me and my husband holding pictures of our moms in front of those rainbows. It is just beyond amazing how much she took care of us and went above and beyond to capture our moments from burgeoning to end, and even rainbows that we knew were our angels. She is one of a kind, she won't just be your photographer for life, she will be a friend for life. It starts with one session and then she's taking pictures of your babies before you know it!! <3
mari marks mondanelli, said on
I found Autumn through my friend who was getting married, and looked at her work on her website and saw the engagement photos she did for my friend. My now husband and I knew right away we loved her style. Being in my friends wedding, I got to see how Autumn interacted with the bridal party and conducted her shooting time. She made sure we all had fun, and got us to smile and laugh naturally. For my own wedding, i remember feeling nervous about being photographed, thinking I was awkward and not photogenic. Autumn put me at ease right away and made me feel comfortable in my own skin, and I didn't think about anything besides having a great day with my husband. The poses she suggested never felt forced. Autumn does this fabulous thing where she cheers you both on, and gets really excited about how great a photo turned out, she literally yells "oh my god your skin looks gorgeous in that shot!" or "this is so cute, you've got to see it" really encouraging you and getting you excited to take more photos. We were so happy with how our photos turned out, I will truly treasure them always. Planning a wedding is stressful, and I was so thankful to not have to worry about how the photos were being taken, or if enough were being taken. She captured everything. She was willing to take any photo we asked for, and took shots I didn't even know i wanted. After a day running around in a happy blur, I am so elated to know that i have these special photos to help me relive one of my favorite days. Autumn instantly felt like one of our friends, we were so happy to have her be a part of our day. We received "preview" photos shortly after the wedding, and loved every single one. The rest of the photos came not too long after, and her system for viewing and downloading them is easy to understand and share with family members.
Sheless Davis, said on
Autumn was our photographer for our engagement session and wedding. Her pictures were amazing - she captured so many candid moments for us as well as all of the staged pictures we wanted. On top of taking wonderful pictures, Autumn is such a joy to be around! We truly enjoyed her company on our wedding day - and what's better than working with someone that you want to be around? In fact, we loved Autumn so much that she continues to be our photographer for our family! She regularly does family sessions for us as well as individual pictures of our daughter for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. She truly is someone that you will want to have with you for your wedding and beyond!

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