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Annie Wiegers Photography


I love and have lived in the Twin Cities {almost} my whole life… with short stints in Washington, Montana, and Florida

I think, sleep and breathe photography… it is peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese…

I adore lifestyle photography and my mission is to capture the authentic YOU

I am a Nikon gal

I loved running until I ran a marathon

I consider coffee my ‘life juice’ and it is served best with lots of cream

Sweatpants are mandatory the minute I walk through my door

I enjoy really dark beer

I would prefer to sleep in a tent, in the woods, on a mountain, in a sleeping bag

I love diving into bodies of water, preferably one of our 10,000

I would rather go barefoot

Bruiser, my pug, confirms that God has a sense of humor

The North Shore is my sanctuary

The Superior Hiking Trail and I know each other very well

My husband is my very best friend

My little ones are my happy place

Friends become family to my husband and I

I will generally leave you with a hug

I am usually smiling behind my lens, because this passion of mine, for people, for photography, for art…. it fills me up

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