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Aminda Villa

(763) 607-5754

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

PS. I go everywhere! ✈️

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Comments & Reviews

Ashley Hawks, said on
I hired Aminda for a party I was hosting; I wanted a very specific style, very dark, late-night/party vibe. The lighting at the venue was super difficult, and we had to move the party inside due to heat. Even with all the difficulties of the party, Aminda was STILL able to deliver amazing images, EXACTLY what I wanted!!!! Plus, she was so fun & personable, she was able to bring the BEST out in my guests.
Lauren, said on
Aminda is absolutely AMAZING! Not only is she super sweet, she does incredible work. I’ve never felt more comfortable or beautiful in front of the camera. Best photographer ever.
Tealla, said on
Aminda makes every shoot so fun and comfortable. I love how unique each photoshoot is. She really works with each client’s idea or setting, but with the perfect Aminda Villa twist. She’s just amazing.
Amanda, said on
Aminda is literally the BEST. You’ll leave feeling empowered, beautiful & like a boss. Her photography is definitely amazing - but her personality blows it all out of the water
Mishawn, said on
So I am not word savvy but I'll give a shot at doing Aminda justice. I have had the pleasure of having my engagement photos and a (scar tribute) boudoir photo shoot with Aminda. The photos from both were amazing, she has a very original style and true artistic talent. I was worried I might be uncomfortable during the shoot or not be able to word how I would want my photos but she has a great ability to help you feel comfortable and is very intuitive. If you want to meet a bada$$ women answering her creative calling with a fierceness, I recommend you check her out.

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