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Studio Veil - Photo Booth


Photo booths aren't eye sores any more. Our booths are clean and modern looking. A good booth is more than just a pretty picture taker though! Quality matters and our booths deliver high quality photos and other features your guests will love. We have multiple styles of photo booths to choose from. Visit www.StudioViel.com for more details; here's a sneak peak...

Twin Cities Photo Bus - It's a 1973 VW Bus converted into a mobile photo booth! It's very unique and it'll be the talk of your wedding.

Queso Booth - This is the ultimate guest experience. Queso features the ability to do photo, gif, boomerang, texting, emailing, and green screen all from one beautiful machine. If you want your guests to be able to take photos and interact with them by sharing them easily, this is the way to go.

POD - The POD is one of a kind in the Twin Cities. It takes beautiful photos on the front screen and then has a looping slideshow of all the images on the rear screen. It's a fun way for your guests to enjoy the photos as they walk by or wait in line to use the booth.

miniPOD - It's only "mini" because it's a little smaller than the POD but the photo quality is anything but mini. This photo-only booth is the most portable and flexible of our booths in terms of the setup area so if you have a tighter space that what's ideal, we can still make it work with our miniPOD. 

All booth options include an on-site attendant, prop kit, online gallery, and digital files after the event. We also include the guest book with the POD and miniPOD booths. View more details at our website and contact for availabiilty!

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