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Sweet Juniper | Designs by Alison

Some of the best events in life happen entirely by fate, and this is especially true of my journey with design. I'm sure it's the story of many of you who have fallen in love, and are on your adventure of becoming a bride! What started as a simple evening project, soon evolved into an ever-growing passion, and I haven’t been able to put wire-working down since high school. I used to pass around scripted wire rings to classmates, and by the time I entered college I was selling those same rings to other gals in the dorm to make a few extra dollars. Before the end of my junior year I branded my work with a title that came to mind before falling asleep, and by my senior year I was pushing myself to enter the “fair life.” After displaying my work in various small settings, I have taken the leap to release my work to the world-wide web as I enter this adult-ish phase. 


Some might say that my work it “too simple,” but I like to spin this comment around and talk about how difficult it is to achieve simple elegance. There is definitely something to be said about how powerful simplicity is, because it is also timeless. I strive to create pieces that can withstand the changes of time, both stylistically and in quality—while still maintaining affordability. 


There is also power in using the resources we have around us, and I strive to use as many recycled materials as I am able. From the pearls I collect from vintage necklaces, to the leather pieces I pull from scrap-barrels, to the industrial wire my dad salvages from the job site, there is beauty in reclaiming what others would throw away. My dearest hope is that you enjoy the one-of-a-kind nature of my work, and that it brings a bit of light to your lovely life!

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Amie Flaherty, said on
Alison made me custom leather leaf earrings that I love! She was so easy to work with and the turn around was very fast!

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