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Just like finding the right spouse is an important decision, so is finding the right real estate advisor. In the wake of a dynamic real estate world, I will help you navigate the maze in finding your new home. It will be an exciting and successful experience!

Whether you are a day or a year away from doing anything, meeting sooner than later is helpful to put together a plan.

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Comments & Reviews

Anna, said on
I am forever indebted to Jim. He helped us buy our very first house! That is a big deal, and it MATTERS who you ask to help you with such a monumental task. From the first, I knew he was on our side. He didn't rush us into anything, didn't pressure us or make us feel stupid (we left our first realtor after the initial meeting because he was so condescending). He knew all the questions to ask to protect us from making mistakes and he wasn't afraid to tell us things about houses that any other realtor could have left out. He made us feel safe and he went above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction. He works hard for every single one of his clients and it truly seems like he enjoys doing it. His experience, warmth and dedication were a relief and an asset. The entire home-buying process was so easy and streamlined and I know we owe it to Jim. And now we have a beautiful house! We love you Jim!
Cara, said on
Jim is an amazing person to work with. He truly listens to his clients and helps them find the homes and financing that fits with their future dreams. I'm honored to be partnered up with him through Forever Bride to bring the best homes and the best portraits for your future! I recommend him to all of my couples. ~Cara Winter Memories in Time Photography
Jessie, said on
Jim is truly the best! My husband & I purchased our first home last year- and we couldn't have done it without Jim! He was patient, listened well, and truly had our best interest at heart. He is experienced and what we liked best- never pushed us into something we weren't 100% behind. He is the reason we ended up buying our home because he fought for our offer when the seller had multiple offers to choose from! He is the best- you will not regret your choice!
Chris & Hope, said on
Jim is amazing!!!!! Jim has found us two great home and sold a house for us! We were truly blessed to have a realtor who really cared about us and wanted to find us exactly what we were looking for. The best part about Jim is his patience and confidence that you will find the right home. Wouldn't buy or sell with anyone else. Jim comes highly recommended by the family!
Summer & Marcus, said on
We bought our first home with Jim as our realtor. Buying your first-home can be so overwhelming, but we felt good knowing we had an expert like Jim in our corner. Jim not only excellently fulfilled his role as realtor, but also went above and beyond as counselor, cheerleader, and friend. We would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Nancy, said on
As Jim's wife, I can say that he truly embraces working with first time home-buyers. He enjoys the satisfaction of helping them through the process and is as excited as they are when they find the right home. Jim relates well to millennials yet brings the experience and wisdom of someone who has been selling real estate for a long time.
Anbon, said on
Jim Jaeckels is an amazing Realtor who is patient, flexible and attentive. He worked with my wife and I for the long term goal of finding the house we wanted and that would fit us. Some people may want to purchase a house during a shorter time period. Some have the flexibility to have a longer time period. We were lucky that we had ample time to find a house. I found that, because we were aiming for the longer time period, that our choices or wants sometimes changes or shift. This means, we wanted a Realtor who would be willing to be patient, flexible and attentive to our needs. That person was Jim Jackels. He spent over a year helping us find the right place to settle down in. He is very knowledgeable and was flexible to help meet our needs in a timely manner. And his attention to detail and attentiveness to our needs was exceptional. I would highly recommend Jim Jackels to anyone looking to buy a home. First time or again, he's the way to go.

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