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Hello! My name is Anna and I make flowers from paper. But not just any paper - fine, high quality German crepe paper to be exact. And not just flowers, but unbelievably realistic looking crepe flowers and botanical that can almost rival the real thing. I so love fresh flowers, but by the laws of nature, fresh flowers can't stay fresh forever. Through the fine art of paper flower making, I create everlasting flora using paper, wire, glue and many coloring techniques.

"Why paper" you ask? 

As much as we all love fresh flowers (and really who doesn't?) the process to get fresh flowers can have a serious impact on our environment. With crepe flowers there's no:

  • watering
  • pesticides (known or unknown)
  • refrigeration
  • expedited shipping in refrigerated trucks
  • wilting
  • and straight up no dying (happy thought!)


But there are even more benefits to having paper flowers!

  • out of season, exotic, and endangered flowers are all perfectly available in paper 
  • allergy sufferers and scent sensitive noses - suffer no more with paper flowers
  • wedding centerpieces and bouquets serve as the perfect gift for special guests to remember your gorgeous wedding
  • paper bouquets and crowns can be kept as a lasting memory of your special day


If you are looking for something unique, environmentally friendly, and everlasting, you're looking for crepe paper flowers! Call or email today to set up your consultation or visit www.apaperflorist.com for more information.


A Paper Florist is owned and operated by Glazed Over Arts and Creations L.L.C.


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Comments & Reviews

Hilary, said on
Anna handcrafted two bouquets for my mom and my mother-in-law for Mother's Day this year. It is incredible how life-like these flowers are. The amount of detail that she puts into her work is incredibly thoughtful and her craftsmanship is simply amazing. I would highly recommend using paper flowers for any event as well. I wish she was doing this when I was planning my wedding. It would be awesome to have a bouquet that would last past the day of such a special event.

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