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T Lee Custom Designer Jewelry


With over 100 years of combined experience this custom jewelry boutique has a dream team providing the highest standard of service and quality personally suited to bring your dreams to life. T Lee, the owner, believes strongly in the highest quality of craftsmanship and has won many awards for excellence in design. Soren Priede, the designer, has taught jewelry design and manufacturing for decades to help encourage new jewelers to embrace the passion for excellence in design. Nate Smith, the manager, runs the business and sources or custom cuts the perfect gemstone for your ideal jewelry. Alice, the fabricator, knows all the ins and outs of assembling each work of art with techniques of soldering, laser welding, or cold fusion. Together we create heirloom jewelry that perfectly reflects the feeling and emotion of your life and style.

We actively seek out gem sources that support fair trade pricing, ecologically advanced colored gemstone mining techniques, and rare species protection policies. We work with like-minded gem faceters who monitor mining conditions and personally oversee their own cutting operations. As for our practices in our Minneapolis studio, we are fully committed to the highest standards there also. We remain committed to promoting sustainable business practices, believing that it is particularly important in an industry whose product is inextricably connected to the earth. I believe that people are basing more and more of their buying decisions on how ethically responsible a business is run. People want a better world and are using their dollars to show that. They want to support an artist that does good AND creates jewelry that feels good to buy and wear. The significant meaning of wedding jewelry can only get deeper with the addition of environmentally friendly practices. 

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Jason Cook, said on
T Lee Custom Jewelry is as sweet as my favorite candy! Thank you to everyone involved. I really appreciate the work and communication. Another great example of your teamwork. You have created a capsule with unfading memories.
Robin V., said on
Thank you, thank you, thank you for designing my beautiful wedding ring! You were so patient with me, and I am so grateful because I get to look at my one-of-a-kind, stunning band every day. I love it! Your shop is so welcoming and accommodating. Thank you for taking me in! Cheers!

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