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New Gild Jewelers co-owners Jen and Kelsey are anything but ordinary jewelers.  They met working at a jewelry store, and they knew deep down that they wanted something more for their clients and something more for their community.  Both artists, they came from very different paths.  Jen is an Army veteran and also a corporate veteran, having spent decades working away in white-collar land.  Kelsey learned his trade here in the Twin Cities right after high school, and has worked as a jeweler ever since.  Jen is GIA certified in diamonds, colored stones, and pearls--and Kelsey is a master jeweler.

Together and with their team, they work intuitively with clients to design and create incredible talismans of love, commitment, and empowerment that reflect their wearers' deepest values and personal aesthetics.

New Gild is strongly committed to diversity; Jen and Kelsey have made rings for same-sex couples long before their marriages were legal in Minnesota.  They welcome people and couples of all kinds, truly exemplifying the "all are welcome here" ideology announced on their sandwich board.

In a town filled with jewelers, Jen and Kelsey pride themselves on their unique business model.  While New Gild has a full gallery boasting the work of at least a dozen local artists, they have no salespeople on their team.  Instead, they educate visitors about metals, gemstones, and jewelry art--and sometimes, those folks buy something.  Jen and Kelsey design together, uniting technical and aesthetic elements on every piece.  Eschewing stuffy, suit-wearing salespeople hanging out by the doors to pounce on guests, their team is welcoming, friendly, and approachable.

They may be casual and comfortable, but they're mad professional.  You'll feel it as soon as you step through the door.

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Comments & Reviews

Andrew Oehmke, said on
New Gild is amazing. I was fortunate to meet Kelsey and Jen, through a reference, and have a custom engagement ring built. Kelsey and Jen were very welcoming and excited about the ring idea. When they came back to show me their design, I was blown away. Then, when the ring was finished, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and was so happy they could make an idea into a reality. New Gild ilwas professional, friendly and on time. Great experience. Wonderful people.
Joseph Bergman, said on
I had a wonderful experience with New Gild. Jen worked with me to design a custom piece for my someone and she did a magnificent job translating the vague abstractions and suggestions I was able to provide her with into a one of kind piece that was able to express the emotions I wanted to convey in a way that I’d struggled to precisely outline myself. I can’t thank her and the team at New Gild enough for their help and for producing the piece under budget and on a demanding timeline. I highly recommend using New Gild and Jen if you’re looking for something that will wow your loved one.
Grace Boone, said on
TLDR: Awesome work, fantastic people, I have my dream ring! Long version: I was looking around to find engagement and wedding rings this year, and wasn't finding what I wanted in styles that were made to last, so I decided to invest in a custom-made band, and just get one ring to rule them all (these are the jokes). I checked out several jewelers before choosing New Gild Jewelers to make my forever ring. I chose them, because I could tell that Jen would understand my need to be really specific and yes, picky, because this is my wedding ring, and I'm going to wear it forever. I also felt confident that the ring she and Kelsey would create could handle my active, animal-filled life. Jen took time working through several CAD iterations with me until we finally settled on the perfect design. Kelsey worked hard to make the ring a reality, and today when I went in to pick up my adjusted resin engagement ring (they can do anything here!), they surprised me with my finished wedding ring!! It was done waayyy faster than I had expected, and it is absolutely perfect! I was soo stressed out, worrying that maybe I wouldn't like the real thing, or it would look too wide, etc. (I'm a worrier, if you can't tell), but it is absolutely amazing. My dream ring has become a reality, and I was so excited when they showed it to me that I basically burst into tears!! I cannot thank Jen and Kelsey enough for working so hard to create this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for me that I can wear forever. I am more than happy. Thank you both!!!
Mike Oakes, said on
I couldn't have been made to feel more at ease during what I imagined would be a stressful journey navigating the perfect ring for the perfect person in my life. My jitters and insecurities were immediately waylaid thanks to the care and kindness of Kelsey and Jen. Though they might have had an easy mark in me, they were forthright, honest and more than helpful in putting together what turned out to be an amazing piece of jewelry. I won't visit another jeweler again. I'm hooked. I'm sold. You should be too.
Alan Ritchie Jr, said on
We commissioned New Gild for a non-traditional engagement ring repair, and were thrilled with the outcome! They discussed all of our options for repair in great detail, kept us in the loop during the repair process, and improved both the integrity and appearance of the setting. Jen and Kelsey are both passionate about their craft and it shows. We’ll definitely be going back to New Gild for future repairs and commissions. Highly recommended!
Philip Husom, said on
I cannot overstate how awesome these people are! I was looking for an engagement ring but couldn't seem to find anything that fit our tastes. Based on my description of my girlfriend and what she wanted in a ring, Jen found the perfect stone. New Gild really wants to know what they're making and whom it's for, and their approach absolutely pays off. My wife and I are absolutely thrilled with the engagement ring they created. Of course we went back to New Gild for wedding bands, and they made exactly the bands we were looking for.
Reyna Meinhardt, said on
My Fiancé and I looked at a traditional jewelery shop and didn’t love anything we saw right away. Our next stop was New Gild where we met Jen. She was so helpful and friendly and showed us stunning custom work that we fell in love right away. We were planning on looking at a few other shops that night, but after leaving the shop and walking about a block - we turned back around and committed to having New Gild create our rings! We just loved everything about their work! The entire process was so professional and fun, and my ring is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen (and I’ve looked through a lot of Instagram/Pinterest photos). I can’t recommend New Gild enough!
Emily Day, said on
New Gild was only the second jeweler's that my fiancee and I went to in search of an engagement ring and from the moment we entered we were blown away. Jenifer's selection of hand made artisan rings were both unique and stunningly beautiful. We were after something different, and Jenifer seemed to read our minds, showing us several rings that we absolutely fell in love with. We eventually chose a gorgeous ring designed and made by Kelsey and couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a ring or other pieces then make sure New Gild is first on your list to go and see. Stop in and see for yourself!
Dane Goede, said on
Jen and Kelsey were exactly the people I was looking for to make a special project and a vision in my head become reality for my amazing wife. I presented them with a sort of gemstone challenge with some geode pieces of sentimental value to us and not only were they able to confidently discuss logistics of mounting such oddly shaped and somewhat fragile pieces as I'd expect experienced experts in the field to do, but they also quickly interpreted and executed my vision for the shapes and aesthetics of the pieces without missing a beat. Very impressed, very pleased with the outcome.
Parker Anderson-Genne, said on
I work in the neighborhood and New Gild came highly recommended. They are wonderful people, who do beautiful work. I had my vintage engagement ring restored and it is just gorgeous thanks to their artistic expertise. Highly recommend and look forward to returning in the future.
Megan Korchinski, said on
This whole sordid tale started with a request to resize a new bracelet from a New York designer. I took it to a jeweller store in St. Paul and they messed it up to the point that the bracelet was now unbalanced and really had lost much of it’s beauty. When asked what I would like to do I responded by saying how much does the materials cost because I don’t want them to be out materials (which I thought was very generous). They told me $80. I sort of had an idea of how much 1 inch of chain would cost and I was a bit taken aback; but because I am a bad bargainer I agreed. So I left $80 poorer and with the bracelet I had been saving up for a special occasion now totally unbearable. I spent two months unsure what to do and then stumbled into New Guild going to brunch over Christmas. They didn’t mind answering my questions about how I might be able to set this particular stone etc. so I decided to ask them about the bracelet. When I called them they were actually angry on my behalf as I told them the whole story, and I felt seen for the first time in this process. Then they moved heaven and earth to make the fixing of the bracelet inexpensive so I wouldn’t feel upset every time I looked down at it. I went back in there last weekend and it cost $75 to get the bracelet redone AND a necklace restrung. I’m talking like over an hour of work and many many solders. It looks nothing like it did before and I haven’t taken it off since. I cannot recommend them enough. I am going back.
Barb O'Toole, said on
I brought an onyx and diamond ring, with great sentimental value, in to New Gild for repairs. The onyx was badly cracked. I had taken my ring to several larger, "big box" jewelers, all of whom told me they could not be of any help. New Gild took me on, searched and found a replacement onyx, cut it to fit, and repaired and cleaned my ring. It looks better than it ever had and was completed at what seemed a terribly reasonable price. I'm a fan.
Monica Moses, said on
I asked New Gild Jewelers to refurbish my modest 36-year-old wedding ring, incorporating antique diamonds from my mom's and grandmother's rings. I'm thrilled with the result! They were thoughtful and imaginative in brainstorming the design with me. We came to a solution, and in two weeks at a very affordable price, I had this new, sweet, sparkly ring on my finger. Exceeded all my expectations. Highly recommended!
Steven McLoon, said on
I picked this jewelry store mostly at random. I previously had one of my wife’s necklaces repaired at a large jewelry store that advertises everywhere, and they did a terrible job. I took it into New Gild, and showed it to the guy behind the counter. He looked at it and immediately said, “Oh! We can fix that.” Their work was superb, fast and less expensive than the large store. I looked around when I went to pick up the repaired necklace. The jewelry in the store is made by over 30 local artists. None of it is mass-produced. They have a wonderful range of sizes, styles and prices. I did pick up a pair of earrings for my wife, which I have yet to give her. After I asked a question, one of the jewelers showed me the steps that they use to make custom rings. It is incredibly complicated and way cool. I have a whole new appreciation for jewelry making. I will definitely continue using this store. I look forward to picking out something for my wife’s next birthday. I am looking for an excuse to have them make something that I help design.
Larry Lavercombe, said on
Jen made our wedding rings last September. They are sapphire, the second hardest of stones. She listened to us, and then designed these beautiful rings. The blue stone matches Diane's eyes, and my smaller sapphire is set in brushed palladium. We love them. And we love that we bought them from Jen, because we have known her for two years as great neighbor and community member, someone who volunteers and helps out a lot. She's a good person, trustworthy, and you will not be disappointed if you stop in to talk jewelry with her. She sells beautiful work by local artist-jewelers, and if you are interested in designing something unique, she is wonderful to collaborate with. Plus, she is very clear, every step of the way, regarding the costs, and the pros and cons of each decision we made... size of stone, type of metal, etc. It was very comfortable in that respect. So we are thrilled with what we got. And you will be glad if you stop in.
A Rose, said on
I could not be happier with New Gild. Jen and the team worked hard to get me the perfect ring for my engagement and were so patient with the fact that I am impatient haha. Quality work and a warm atmosphere. Will definitely come here for all my custom jewelry needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you choose to come here. Hands down, the best ring I’ve ever owned.
Garrett Brooks, said on
Great customer service and wonderful work. I had a ring size changed and Jen was so helpful. I later found out that I needed the ring changed to another size and emailed New Gild Jewelers and they let me know that it was not an issue. The staff, every time that I entered their store were always so welcoming and helpful. My wife loves her new ring!!!
Eli Swaden, said on
The feeling when you walk into the store is warm and bright. Unlike other jewelry stores they really cater to you and what you as a customer want. They are honest and make amazing pieces. I am so happy to have worked with Jen and Kelsey! Highly recommended!
Kathy Ekberg, said on
I LOVE New Gild Jewelers! I took my wedding ring in to change the setting. I told Kelsey my idea, and he exceeded my expectations! It took less than 2 weeks, and my ring is stunning! I've also brought 2 pearl necklaces in to be re-strung. Jen said only one needed it, and gave me great advice on keeping my pearls beautiful! Another time I dropped in with a friend who needed an earring repaired. Jen fixed it in 5 minutes, and she wouldn't charge her! I won't go anywhere else. Fabulous owners! Best jewelry store!!!
Amy R., said on
My experience with New Gild was wonderful from my project's inception to its dazzling conclusion. Before my mother died she insisted that I take her big, bold over-the-top engagement ring / wedding band combo. I told her that I would never wear it as is, but if she would allow me to remove the gorgeous diamond and create a new pendant with it, then I would love to have it. Agreed! I brought the ring into the store and Jen assured me that she would take great care to work with me in designing a pendant that I not only would enjoy wearing, but would love (and remember my mom) every time I put it on. After we had drafed a preliminary design I returned to the store and suggested something a bit different. Jen was happy to oblige, and together we re-worked the design. When she contacted me in a few weeks she said, "you're going to love it!" And she was right. I now have a stunning one-of-a-kind diamond pendant. I highly recommend Jen and New Gild for top notch customer service, attention to detail and terrific follow through. I strongly suspect that Jen is the kind of business owner who is not happy unless you're happy.

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