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Manly Bands

A Manly Band is more than just a wedding ring - it's a movement. For the first time in human history, men are free to choose a wedding band that is more than just a boring silver or gold ring. A wedding band from Manly Bands represents the unique authenticity inherent in it's master by matching itself not only to the taste of the wearer, but also their personality.

Manly Bands was created out of our own frustration in wedding band shopping and now pass on our own solution to other men (and women) who appreciate a unique wedding band that says "yeah, that wedding band is more than symbol of my undying love...it embodies my grit and perseverance in all the ways I love you.."

Manly Bands - we get you, because we are you. We know where you going and what you're capable of.

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Jenifer, said on
Absolutely LOVE this idea!!!

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