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Hi there, I'm Lucy Stange, a Boudoir Photographer located here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am in love with taking boudoir photos! My biggest drive for boudoir photography comes from my personal self image struggles as a young women and  into my married life. It was after hard work and many emotional breakdowns, I have come to a place of gratitude, and love for my life and the woman I am today. And I want the same for you. I want you to walk  away from our session together feeling empowered, confident, gratitude, and more in love with the women you are.  I want your heart to melt with warm and fuzzy feelings every time you walk passed your portraits hanging on the wall or look through your photo book. Because I think life is to short to be wasted on anything less. My boudoir packages start at $300 Packages range form $300 to $1,100. I look forward to working with you. xo Lucy Stange

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Comments & Reviews

Pamela, said on
Lucy is simply AMAZING!!! I did a boudoir photo shoot for my soon to be husband and my experience was so great!! Lucy made me feel comfortable and aloud me to stay true to my self. The photo turned out amazing and this experience left me feeling empowered. I recommend everyone to do a boudoir session with Lucy she will amaze you!!!!
Linda, said on
Lucy Stange was such fun to have shoot me. I have done one other boudoir a few years ago and was nervous to try again but im so glad I did! She Made me feel so sexy and comfortable no matter what I had on. Her posing was on point and advice was well appreciated. You can tell she loves what she does. I was not disappointed with any of her photos! They hang proudly in my room!
Brooke, said on
Lucy made me feel entirely comfortable within the first few moments of meeting her, doing my first boudoir shoot was an absolute blast and the photos were flawless. Lucy strange went beyond my expectations and I will definitely be keeping in contact for future shoots!

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