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Planning a wedding is hard! A couple and their favorite people deserve to feel strong, present and peaceful during the planning process, on the big day, and beyond. Wedded Wellness is here to provide private yoga, guided meditations, large group gatherings, and MORE for bachelorette parties, showers, and weddings in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area.


  • Group Yoga – Bachelorette parties, showers, you name it. You host the event, we’ll provide the movement.
  • 1:1 Instruction– Working to love your body before the big day? Simply want to slow down and learn to de-stress? Book an individual session!
  • Couples Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching– Take a moment from the busy wedding planning process (or post-wedding detox) to bond as a couple through movement. Each session can be customized to your yoga needs and experience. Book individuals sessions or purchase a class package.

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Comments & Reviews

Eleanor G, said on
As I looked toward my bachelorette party girl’s weekend at a cabin, I wondered about connecting 20 ladies from various stages of my life and bringing them together for the celebration. Would they all get along? What were some activities that I could plan that would get everyone involved, talking and laughing together even without knowing each other well? Ashley’s Yoga Flow was the perfect answer to all of my questions! Ashley created a playlist based on my favorite music, we spread out in the cabin we rented in Northern Wisconsin and we all flowed through a yoga sweat session together after brunch on a sunny morning during our first day together. It was the best way to bring everyone together in an activity that was fun, invigorating, and social and didn’t require any extra equipment or skill. I had so many compliments on that segment of my bachelorette party and Ashley’s professionalism, personal touch on the playlist and modifications for the large group made it my favorite part of the girl’s weekend together. Even my girlfriends that told me they “weren’t interested” weeks before the weekend participated and had a blast! My friends got to spend an hour focusing on upbeat music, laughing and sweating together and came out of it closer and loosened up for a day of fun. Ashley's Yoga Flow remains one of my very favorite memories from the flurry and busy excitement before my wedding and gave me a much-needed chance to reflect, slow down and enjoy breathing with all of my favorite people in the same place!

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