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How to build your listing!

Learn the basics to building a beautiful listing in 6 minutes!

Product Development with Jimmy Fritz

Jimmy Fritz, owner of the Wedding Shoppe, Kennedy Blue, and Summit + Finn, shares how he went from selling bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses to launching a skincare line. Why? Because he is in tune with his clients. Jimmy's talk about Product Development is filled with wisdom and knowledge. If you have any questions, you can find him at jimmy@summitandfinn.com. Venue // The Lynhall

How to Create Culture with Gabi O'Rourke

We had the honor of hearing from Gabi O'Rourke, the Youth Pastor at River Valley Church, about how to create culture in whatever industry you are in. She shares that ministry and the marketplace are not that different - each go through similar struggles, opportunities, and dynamics. Some of her min points are: culture is CAUGHT, not taught. You culture needs to be CLEAR, to those around you and those you are trying to influence (clients). Create your core values, share them with others, and live them out. Healthy culture helps you accomplish your vision. Creating culture also takes COURAGE.

How to Wear All The Hats with Emily Isakson

As a solo entrepreneur you are often the accountant, HR, a caretaker, and so much more! Watch this video to learn the skills you need to take your business to the next level while wearing all the "hats" of a business owner. Emily Isakson, of Emily Isakson Photography, is phenomenal!

4 Tips to Mastering Instagram's Algorithm with Ashley Hawks

This Monthly Mingle came to a close with Ashley Hawks, the Vice President of Forever Bride, speaking about Instagram's newest algorithm. She shares her 4 tips to conquering Instagram in this quick 10 minute video. Let us know what you think!

5 Apps Every Business Needs with Dan Moshe

Dan Moshe is founder and CEO of Tech Guru, the Caring Technology Company, where he combines his passion for business and technology with finance and accounting to help build the accounting firms of the future. He joined us as our Keynote speaker for our May Monthly Mingle to share the 5 Apps Every Business Needs. It was amazing to hear his thoughts and advice.

6 Steps to Making Your Dream a Reality with Autumn Lee

Autumn Lee, of Autumn Lee Studios, spoke at our Monthly Mingle in May about her 6 steps to manifesting your dreams. "I found in our heart of hearts we all know what we want (need) and it is only the clarity and the call to action that we lack." - Autumn Lee. Her talk is based in the concept that we all have power to make our businesses whatever we want them to be when we believe and work towards a goal. You will want to have a notebook handy! Venue // Anahata Collaborative

Killer Sales Funnels with Ashley Hawks

Wanting to grow your wedding business while increasing your revenue? Vice President of Forever Bride, Ashley Hawks explains how to convert people into paying customers through killer sales funnels.

Determining Your Values with Preston Palmer

Preston Palmer is a highly sought after business consultant, photographer, and inspired educator. He is a human behavioral expert and entrepreneur. His mission is to inspire others by challenging the way we fundamentally think. By doing so he creates productive change that leaves his audience inspired and empowered to make necessary changes in their lives. And that is exactly what he did at our August 8th Monthly Mingle as our key note speaker!

The Basics of SEO with Ashley Hawks

Ashley wraps up our Monthly Mingle by talking about what SEO is and some of the many important factors: content, social metrics, and links. This is a quick and practical video to up your SEO game!

Why You Don't Need to Advertise a Good Party with Bill Svoboda

In this talk Bill will outline 3 things that you should be doing to embrace innovation, while delivering an exceptional customer experience worth talking about in 2018 and beyond.
In 2003 and at the age of 20, Bill Svoboda founded his first company CoedMonkey.com, an online custom t-shirt company out of his college dorm room. Now, with over 15 years of e-commerce experience, Bill is not only passionate about selling soft, custom printed t-shirts to clients across the country from Google and Facebook, to colleges and non-profits, but creating a company that sets the bar for online customer care.
Bill is also the co-founder of CloseSimple, software that helps with communication during the title and escrow process, creating streamlined communication for thousands of home closings per month.
Along with these business and a couple other fun side projects, Bill is also completing his first business book, "You Don't Need to Advertise a Good Party," and is a passionate speaker on the topics of both entrepreneurism and customer-engagement.

How to Find Inspiration with Preston Palmer

Have you ever found yourself lethargic, tired, uninspired and lacking all feelings of genius or inspiration? Do you often feel like you are simply drifting through life rather than creating something meaningful and beautiful for yourself and others? Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you sat on it, then sometime in the future went back to carry it out that idea and the inspiration you originally had for it was no longer there? Or WORSE. Have you ever had a genius, inspired idea that you didn't’ act on and weeks, months or years later someone created or completed your idea almost exactly leaving you saying, HEY! That was MY idea!? If any of this seems familiar to you, I promise you aren’t alone.
From here we will move forward into a practical, tangible way to harness your inner genius and begin to live a truly inspired and meaningful life.

This teaching is an absolute must for any artist or person who feels like inspiration has been just out of reach. You will leave thinking differently about inspiration and have the tools to live a truly inspired life.

Double Your Sales in 12 Months, Guaranteed, with Charles Eide

Have you ever wondered why things have not changed in your business? Is this year the same as the last? It’s time for a real breakthrough and there’s nobody better to teach you how to double your business, than Charles Eide. Self-made, Charles has built a multi million dollar business from nothing, using the sales tactics he will be teaching.
Charles will be training on everything: sales. If you are looking to grow your business, you don’t want to miss this event.

How to Be More Productive with Nichole Bates

A good entrepreneur uses their energy to make their dreams a reality. However, “more energy” doesn’t come from an endless supply of coffee or packaged in a perfect little supplement. Let’s cut through the noise, and get back to the basics, and create some lasting energy!

The Branding Workshop with Kelly Morrin

In this workshop, Kelly Morin, will be covering:
1. Why branding is so important
2. What branding looks like
3. What makes for good branding
4. Good branding requires a plan
Plus, Q&A at the end!

How To Win The Deal: Building & Maintaining Client Relationships with Bill Hermann

Bill Hermann, a client relationship expert, will be taking us through the client relationship process. He will discuss how to handle the first client interview, what to do during a contract meeting and maintaining a relationship with your client after your services are complete.

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market with Bill Svoboda

This month we had Bill Svoboda, one of the top entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis area, share his wisdom with us! He Co-Founded Coed Monkey in 2003 and then Co-Founded CloseSimple in 2012. He helps companies embrace change & achieve breakthrough performance to reach maximum results. Each live event features energy & excitement to keep the crowd engaged, plus compelling stories that move participants to take real-life action. Bill is committed to delivering specific, action-orientated ideas to impact today’s progressive leaders.

Accounting 101 with Heide Olson

Join us as we discuss all things MONEY with Heide Olsen, CEO of All In One Accounting and take part in an interactive workshop made to help you increase your revenue and prepare for 2020! All In One Accounting is a company that focuses on helping businesses save money, increase revenue, and stick to a budget! During this event, you will learn about the basics of accounting, new technology and how to create a budget! Be sure to come with a pen in hand, so you can better prepare your finances for 2020!