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Finding Inspiration with Preston Palmer - Monthly Networking & Educational Event


Have you ever found yourself lethargic, tired, uninspired and lacking all feelings of genius or inspiration? Do you often feel like you are simply drifting through life rather than creating something meaningful and beautiful for yourself and others? Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you sat on it, then sometime in the future went back to carry it out that idea and the inspiration you originally had for it was no longer there? Or WORSE. Have you ever had a genius, inspired idea that you didn't’ act on and weeks, months or years later someone created or completed your idea almost exactly leaving you saying, HEY! That was MY idea!? If any of this seems familiar to you, I promise you aren’t alone.

In the time we will spend together we will explore and investigate some of the inspired geniuses of our past. We will look at what they had in common, how they expressed themselves and ultimately what inspired gifts they gave to the world. You will learn about the history of the word “Genius” and what that word meant to our creative and inspired ancestors. From here we will move forward into a practical, tangible way to harness your inner genius and begin to live a truly inspired and meaningful life.

This event is an absolute must for any artist or person who feels like inspiration has been just out of reach. You will leave thinking differently about inspiration and have the tools to live a truly inspired life.

This teaching is brought to you by Preston Palmer.

From the beginning Preston Palmer questioned the world around him. Early in life he wondered why the masses seemed to live lives that trapped and controlled them. While a select few, appeared to lift themselves effortlessly above the others as if the laws that governed the majority did not apply to them. The rules they created were their own. It was this tiny minority of “inspired” people that drove Preston to begin his research into human nature, and question the reason for our existence. His journey so far has taken him to the most remote corners of the world and he has consulted and studied under many of the most recognized spiritual leaders of our time. Preston Palmer is an internationally recognized speaker, business owner, consultant and photographer. His passion is the inspiration of others. By teaching in stories and using lessons from his life and others, he will inspire you, and your audience in a truly powerful and unconventional way. He will force you to think outside the box, question the norms, and to create a life by which the rules are your own. He is a living example that we have the power to create our own lives and the beauty we desire is our own. Preston is a master motivational speaker and his ability to permanently change the way his audience thinks should not be missed.

As always, light snacks and beverages will be provided. 

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