WORKSHOP Chicken Wire Wall Art

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When: Thursday, December 29th

Price: $55

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Hand miter saw, staple gun, tin snips, drill

Dimensions: Dimensions will vary based on customer's preference. 26" x 10-36"

Project description:

From start to finish, your PIP instructor will guide you to create this chicken wire wall art, ready to be customized for your space. This project comes with 8 mini clothespins and hanging materials and instructions. See the pictures and list below for some of our favorite uses. Also, follow PIP's Pinterest board to get more ideas for your versatile chicken wire wall art!

Hang or Display:

  • art - adult's or children's
  • photographs
  • jewelry
  • calendar and memos
  • seasonal wreaths
  • holiday cards

You Choose:

  1. Wood stain - 6 colors
  2. Thick or thin corner brackets - may also be attached to the back so they're not visible
  3. Length of frame - 10-20"
  4. How you will style in your home
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