New Year, New Interns!

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A New Year is upon us and that means new beginnings, new growth, and NEW INTERNS! And while we LOVE all of our interns at Forever Bride, {we really do!} we are always super excited to meet, get to know, and work with a new batch!

Forever Bride has been growing like crazy this past year so we are looking for some AMAZING interns to help fill our offices with brilliant blogs and fresh ideas! We are looking for the following type of candidates:

    Outgoing {Do you LOVE to meet new people and are interested and eager to network?}
    Detail Oriented {Do you notice the little things that make up the big things?}
    Creative {Do you enjoy design work? Do you have a keen eye for photography?}
    Professional {If we need to explain this one....maybe not?}
    Fashionable {Are you up-to-date on the latest trends? Do you know what is in & out?}
    Social Media Savvy {Can you tweet, post, like, share, & regram with the best of them?}
    Eager to Learn {Are you maybe not a top notch blogger, but super eager to try?}
    Quick on Your Feet {If there is a problem, can you handle yourself under pressure?}
    Self Motivated {Do you need a to-do list? Or are you a free thinker?}

Think you know of someone PERFECT for the job? Think you are that someone!? Please, send us your resume, cover letter, and head shot!

*Please note, although we do LOVE our Forever Bride Interns (seriously, they're all great!) this is an unpaid internship. We also need a commitment of 8-10 hours per week.*

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