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Trend Report: Layering Necklaces

Trend Reports // 12.04.2017


Ashley's Trend Report: Layering Necklaces

Jewelry is more than an accessory. Jewelry is meaningful, timeless, and sentimental. Use jewelry to tell your story. Dominique Wesbecher of Henry Dominique Jewelry is doing it oh so well. Check out how she’s layering her necklaces!



Is that so cute?! What if your necklaces each had a special meaning, and told a story about you? One was a gift from your fiance, another was a charm from your grandmother, & one was a gift from your best friend when she asked you to be her bridesmaid.

We have found the perfect piece to start your collection! Enamel initial necklaces by Little Miss Lilyan. Pick your letter and pick your background color. They are so versatile and can be added to any chain.





Use coupon code FOREVERBRIDE at checkout for 20% off of your entire wedding party purchase! View details + their listing HERE.

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