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Trend Report: Custom Cake Toppers

Trend Reports // 10.09.2017


Out with the old & in with the new!

Imagine something small.. Something hand made with love & detail.. Something designed for you & your hubby’s special day.

*drum roll please*


Now say hello to "Peg & Plum’s cake toppers!!! Elizabeth, the owner and designer of Peg & Plum, knows how important every detail of a wedding is & that the little things make a big difference. So she is using her artistic talent to make your wedding day even better.

Like look at these little guys, they are so cute! And did I mention she can customize them to match you & your man perfectly?! You have tattoos? No problem. He’s wearing a checkered suit? Easy. He has a beard?! She’s still got it. Your dog will be in your wedding & wearing a tiara? Weird.. But she can do that too! Just take a look.




Right now get 10% off custom cake toppers with code: "FOREVERBRIDE10"


Go on now, create a keepsake to always remind you of your special day! Or... just do what I did & create your whole entire family in cute little peg doll form for your daughter to play with. :)


Visit Peg & Plum's Forever Bride listing.

*We're giving 2 cake toppers away! Enter here on our Instagram page.

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