Real Life Real Bride: Puerto Rican Destination Wedding!

Photo by Wigstadt Photography

Have you thought of having a destination wedding?  Puerto Rico is an amazing destination wedding location!

Suzy + Zach thought about getting married in a MN backyard for the simplicity of the wedding.  They opted for Puerto Rico which was just as simple, but a little more scenic!  These images are from the "day-after session".  We planned this time alone with the bride and groom to capture the intimate moments.  I am in love with this couple! The dress. The native flowers. The suit. The view.  Everything was perfect!

Please enjoy the photos below from Suzy and Zach's destination wedding!






If you're thinking about a destination wedding, I highly recommend it! Here are a few of the perks of Puerto Rico and a destination wedding {if you are coming from the US}:

1.You and your guests won't need a passport.

2. They accept American money.

3. There are MANY villas on their beautiful beaches - great place to stay and wed!

4. Many Puerto Ricans speak English.

5. It is 65-80 everyday! The only seasons are "rainy" and "dry"

6. Everyone attending gets a built in vacation!!!!

Author: Suzy Wigstadt | Wigstadt Photography

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