State Fair Engagement

Real Weddings // 09.01.2017


When Angela + Cody said they wanted to take their engagement photos at the Minnesota State Fair rain or shine, Alexandra of Alexandra Oleen Photography was all in! She writes, "Going to the fair reminds me of being a kid again. It gets me excited so taking photos there also, a double win!" 

There's something magical about the "big Minnesota get-together" amidst all the food on-a-stick, crowds of fellow Minnesotans, and animal-filled barns. It's extra special because it only comes around once a year and is the bookend to a fun + successful summer.

The weather was sun-shiny and beautiful for most of the day. Underneath the blue skies, they bounced around carrying pink cotton candy, pranced over to the baby cows, challenged each other in the typical fair games and shared sweet kisses all over the fair grounds. Just as Alexandra was photographing the deep-in-love couple on the ferris wheel, the heavy clouds of rain suddenly blew in. But we have to admit––the rainy photos may just be our favorites of this engagement session. As it started to rain, Alexandra shares that it felt like they were in a movie and Angela + Cody embraced it. Like we mentioned last week on our Instagram, the rain-filled photos sparked the same romance + beauty of The Notebook (seriously, just wait till you see those photos at the bottom!). There's something about sweet kisses + soaking wet clothes that are so intimate.

Alexandra notes that the moment was magical, from the sweet smells of all the sugar to the sounds of laughter all around to the magical rain. SO.DREAMY.

Brides, you are in for one sweet treat... 




They're even sweeter than the cotton candy.





Reminder: Always relax and have fun during your engagement photos. And laugh...a LOT. Those make the BEST photos! (We think this couple nailed that tip. ;))



Dig Angela's dress and wondering what to wear for your own engagement photos? Amanda of Uppercase L Photography has some great fashion tips for engagement pictures. She writes, "Don’t try to MATCH! Instead, choose colors in the same family." Click HERE to read more of her tips.

P.S. We think Angela + Cody styled their outfits PERFECTLY.



Animals are the bomb. In fact, we're seeing them be included in more + more engagement photos, real weddings, and styled shoots. Our favorite one to date? This Boho Meets Farm Wedding with a Zebra.



A total rom-com dream! Like, pass the popcorn with the movie theater butter.






THIS THIS THIS is our favorite photo! We're convinced it's straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie!! Alexandra, you are AMAZING!

Think Alexandra is amazing, too? (well, duh - of course you do.) You can book her for her engagement photos + wedding, also!

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