Real Lives Real Brides: Third Times The Charm!

Every bride has a story to tell; whether it be how her husband-to-be propsed, the wedding day or how they even met. Sometimes brides don’t have luck in their first marriage or sometimes the second but as the old saying goes…the third times the charm right?

I was lucky enough to have one of our V.I.B’s share her story of finding true love in her third marriage. For her it wasn’t an easy task because she had many obstacles but she managed to surpass those obstacles and marry the one that ALWAYS keeps her safe.

Meet our bride Trina!


She is 41 years old, has been married twice before, and has three grandchildren.

She met her fiancé Josh in 2007, while she was on her second marriage, through her two eldest daughters. She and Josh went on a few dates and having a good time.

Trina said, “When he put his arm around me to say goodbye, I just knew that there was something different. I actually felt ‘safe’, and that was a whole new feeling for me.”

Trina’s marriages prior to Josh were not the best of situations. A lot of things went on that made Trina feel worthless and lack confidence. She said she felt that was all she was supposed to have in life. Even though Josh was only 21 at the time they started dating, was very wise and mature. He always felt he was meant to help people with their relationships before he helped himself. Trina believed he was an old soul.

As they saw each other more and more, they soon realized they shared the same birthday, Nov. 26 exactly 15 years apart. Age has no limit when you have found the one you are meant to be with.

Trina and Josh have lived together for three years and he proposed with his grandma’s beautiful and priceless black pearl and pearl ring. Trina stores it in a special place.

The date of their wedding has been rescheduled twice because of medical and financial reasons but they were happy and just in love as when they first met, that it didn’t matter. Every day Josh tells Trina how beautiful she is, and house much he loves her.

“I am truly blessed, from all I have been through to where I am now.”

I am happy to report they finally set a new date for June 2013.

She never had a big wedding or big beautiful dress before but he is trying to give her everything she never had. She is thankful that she finally has someone that treats her with respect and how someone’s life should be. She couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

I found this story incredible. It was real and inspiring and I want to wish all the best for Trina and her husband-to-be Josh. Good luck!

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