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MN's Best + Most Trusted Wedding Videographers


Choosing a wedding videographer is more overwhelming than it should be. There are over a dozen websites that list wedding videographers in every area, but how do you know if they’re any good? How can you guarantee they’ll provide value? Just because they’re stamped on a well-known website, doesn’t guarantee they’re high-quality, trustworthy, or worth your money.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were just handed a list of only the most TRUSTED professionals instead of having to trudge through a bulky list of every local videographer? Talk about a waste of time––having to narrow down the list yourself. No bride has those extra hours on her hands or deserves the potential of hiring mediocre vendors.

That’s why we’re here––that’s why Forever Bride exists. We ONLY feature the BEST vendors that we wholeheartedly TRUST. In fact, before vendors join our tribe, they must agree to these vows:

As a Forever Bride Association (FBA) Member,
- I vow to provide professional and outstanding service to clients at all times.
- I vow to promote my business in ethical ways.
- I vow to continually strive to grow and improve my skills and products.
- I vow to be fully licensed and insured, when applicable.
- I vow to use proper legal agreements for customers.
- I vow to treat other wedding professionals with respect.
- I vow to encourage and support new vendors.
- I vow to be active on the Forever Bride website, support the Forever Bride community, and participate in Forever Bride networking events.

When they sign-on with Forever Bride, they’re not just another listing we add to our website––they become family. And we take care of our family––we support, love, and trust each family member. We personally meet + chat with them over coffee, often work together at styled shoots, and interact with them on Instagram. We value, respect, and believe in each and every one of them. 

And we also exist to help you––the bride––plan the wedding of your dreams without exceeding your budget. That’s why we ask EVERY vendor to offer an exclusive deal for our Forever Bride brides. All you have to do is sign up for free here and you’re all set for money-saving deals! Easy, right?

So, if you’re located in Minnesota (or beyond… some of them travel!), these are the TOP eight local wedding videographers… individuals, teams, companies that you can trust with the highest quality, friendliness, and professionalism. Taking these top-notch Minnesota-based videographers, our team has categorized each of them into specific categories to match you with a filmmaker that best fits your vision + style. Because, of course, when you watch your wedding film 20 years from now, you will want it captured exactly how you envisioned.


Kathleen Quinn Films

If you’re looking for a filmmaker who’s quiet and observant to your day, Kathleen’s your gal! With experience in special education teaching, Kathleen says that her classroom experience has helped her be patient, observant, kind, organized and a problem solver (which by the way, all qualities you want in your wedding videographer!!) Using her laid-back “fly on the wall” approach, she observes the environment to capture the details that may go unnoticed, while also focusing on the big events that you’ll hold near and dear to your heart. Her editing style is catered to match the emotions and tone of your day: soft and quiet at times, and energetic and fast paced at others.

Her passion for film came from her parents. She tells us that they documented their family’s daily shenanigans for as long as she can remember. Having those keepsakes of everyday life with those she loves most is an irreplaceable gift. She takes that same passion and mindset for her clients. She strives to create that same irreplaceable gift for her clients by capturing authentic, unscripted moments, and then editing those moments together to weave a unique and personal story to the couple.

Favorite coffee shop: “If I had to pick, I’d go with Patisserie 46 in south Minneapolis. It is a few blocks from my house and they have delicious coffee shipped from Chicago (my hometown) and they have bacon, egg, cheese croissants like no other. Let’s meet-up to talk about your wedding and you’ll see what I mean!”

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Pete Rose Productions

Experience is important when looking for a wedding vendor. Someone who has been in the industry for decades and has had lots of practice capturing wedding days. A professional who’s familiar with the ins and outs, what works and what doesn’t, and has created over 100 videos. If you’ll feel more comfortable hiring a videographer with abounding experience, we recommend contacting Pete and his team.

The first wedding video Pete ever created was over 20 years ago when his mother-in-law could not make a trip to California for the wedding of one of her grandchildren. He agreed to videotape the event and show it to her after the wedding. From shooting that first wedding with a VHS tape to now shooting in HD, DVD, live streaming, file sharing, and digital media––Pete has lots of valuable experience with incredible talent. He loves to capture the fun and exciting moments of the big day. In addition to making a “Video Montage,” Pete Rose Productions creates a DVD of the entire wedding and key reception events with an emphasis on making sure good, clean audio is captured. Him + his team ensures they capture key moments without being intrusive at all. They pride themselves in their job to grab the great moments without drawing any attention to their videographers.

FUNNY STORY: “We shot a wedding that used a Scottish Bagpiper as part of the processional and the recessional. We were in an old brick building where the bagpipes were loud and echoed off the walls. Unfortunately the musician did not get the timing right, and started up his bagpipe and proudly strolled down the main aisle to lead the recession, while the Bride and Groom were left at the front trying to receive a final blessing, obviously no one could hear them, until the Bagpipe stopped, we all had a good laugh, the were introduced to the audience and then left hand in hand smiling.”

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Kaylee LaMoine Productions

You’re foreseeing a wedding film full of artsy angles, aesthetically pleasing editing, and creatively candid shots. You want to hire a professional that is young and knows the best, modern style.

Meraki style is how Kaylee describe her videography style, which means you do something with your soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. She creates stories and images that make you want to watch a video of people you don’t even know! With her creative camera angles, techniques and an eye for the candid moments, she builds art. Creating a scene that makes you want to drink in the gorgeous visuals, slow the day down and remember that this is the day when two people become one. Kaylee loves crafting wedding films in a way that melts your heart and reminds you that all of this is about love.

FOREVER BRIDE DEAL: 1 free hour with the purchase of any wedding video package!

Flow Event Group

You believe it’s the little, special moments that complete the day. It’s not about one grand wedding event. But rather, it’s about the forehead kisses, the way you giggle, and dad’s teary eyes as he walks you down the aisle. Though a bigger company, Flow Event Group stays true to their boutique style of filming to capture those quick seconds that become frozen in forever memories.

From the moment they arrive early in the morning, the getting ready shots, the last few moments of the dance, they are there to capture your special day’s story. They believe wholeheartedly in the little moments. They love to experience it all with you. From the bride’s muddy wedding gown because she’s having so much fun dancing in the rain with the people she loves.. To the end of the night where everyone jumps in the lake––full dress and all (they said this has happened literally 3 times in the last year alone). These perfect, little moments are the reasons why they love shooting weddings and creating timeless films. They begin shooting at the start of the day and don’t leave until the end because they feel like friends with the couple––and they want to capture your wedding as a friend would. Clients are truly more than just clients to them.

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You tend to get stressed out and easily overwhelmed, especially when you’re the center of attention. You’d prefer to have a videographer following you around for the day who is sweet, uplifting, and quiets your nerves with her calming spirit and personality.

PranaLens is a spirit-driven videography & photography business, specializing in creating authentic cinematic wedding stories that capture the heart and energy of each couple. They ensure that their clients’ day is filmed in an incredibly personalized way. Ali goes above and beyond, lovingly committing herself to every couple she connects with. Each wedding, couple, and film has its own story to be told, and Ali doesn’t rest until it’s beautifully captured and reflected. Her heart and passion for love and people shines through not only in her work but in her presence before, during, and after the wedding day. She has a natural way of calming and uplifting those around her, and her spirit is a gift to add to the mix on your wedding day.

FOREVER BRIDE DEAL: 20% off full-story wedding package for winter (Nov-Apr) weddings!

The Adventures Of

Wedding films that tell the couple’s unique love story are your favorite to watch. Instead of just simply highlighting the wedding day, you desire to have your videographers illustrate your story and weave you + your fiance’s personality into it. You want raw emotion to seep from the video for years to come––a beautiful tear-jerker that even makes your brother cry.

Husband + wife duo, Kiera + Josh are filmmakers dedicated to telling the real-life adventures of couples in love. More than just a traditional wedding video, they create films that are fun to watch, easy to share, and every bit as unique as you are. You, brides, are living a love story, the likes of which have never been seen before, and they believe that your story deserves to be told with emotion and personality. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, though their roots are in California. They have a passion for travel and serve couples of all kinds, all over the world; their adventure knows no boundaries.

FOREVER BRIDE DEAL: $250 off any standard wedding cinema package.

Zandolee Media

You’re all about the dramatic, cinematic approach to wedding videography. You want the emotions to be strongly felt with every bold note of the background song, every powerful scene change, and every passionate glimpse into your day. After watching your film, you want to think, Wow! Did I just watch a movie?!

If you prefer a bigger videography company that create unique + bold videos, you will love Sarah + Ryan of Zandolee Media. The company also films corporate videos, so you know they have to be insanely good! In addition to Minneapolis, they just launched a new market of wedding videography around the area of Wilmington, North Carolina. What sets Zandolee Media apart is their unique style and bold courage.

As filmmakers, they are thinking of what you’ll want to see 20 years from now in your wedding video… something more than just makeup brushes. They are committed to covering it all––from the big walk down the aisle to your grandparents swooning, because as they say, “Memories last longer with video.”

FOREVER BRIDE DEAL: $200 Off our Most Coveted Package: The Chaconia 10 hrs Coverage, 5-7 min. Montage, Full Ceremony, + More!

Heirloom Amour

You want your wedding video to resemble a home video––but high-quality, creative, and beautifully edited. Something natural that follows the flow of your wedding day without interfering with the day’s schedule.

Heirloom Amour is a small, passionate team with a commitment to a boutique style of filming. This intimate team aims to capture your love with steady hands, the most passionate of hearts, and constant smiles. Their process is very non-invasive and follows the natural flow of your wedding day. They create the home video you’ve always wanted without invading the intimate space you’ve created for you and your guests.

FOREVER BRIDE DEAL: Book within 1 week of contacting Heirloom Amour and receive $100 off a package of your choice.

And there you have it… only the BEST of the BEST! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them.. they would love to hear from you! And make sure to check out the complete list of our trusted + high quality vendors. We’re here for you as your top online resource for wedding planning. Our website serves as a free wedding resource to help you plan your dream wedding with hundreds of tips, advice, and inspiration. Happy wedding planning, brides!

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