DIY-Wish Tree Centerpieces

In this DIY, Raed from Indulge & Bloom helps you create DIY wish tree centerpieces. This is an inspiring piece because it is so customizable. It is the perfect way for you to have personal touches all throughout your reception. It also incorporates the favors into the centerpieces.

Here are the supplies you will need for this wedding DIY project:
Place Cards (pre made)
Hole Puncher
Pens for every table

as many ribbons as place cards

1 large glass cylinder vase for each table
small branches for each vase. Enough to fill it lightly with branches
Ornamental elements (crystals, ornaments)

Large Ribbon for each vase

Steps to make this:

  1. Tie a large ribbon around each vase. Make a large pretty bow. The ribbon should be your wedding colors.
  2. Insert branches into each vase. Use enough to fill the vase but not so it looks too bunched up.
  3. Dangle crystals/ ornaments off the branches. Dangle at different heights.
  4. Place the arrangements on each table (after all of the linens have been set!)
  5. Cut place cards in half
  6. Punch 1 hole in each half of the place cards
  7. Cut a thin ribbon to 8 inches, sting through the hole and tie. (allows you to hang from tree)
  8. Place the cards with the ribbons pre tied around the base of the vase so people can grab them
  9. Place pens and markers nearby so people can write wishes on the cards
  10. Encourage people to write a message, and put it on their table's centerpiece
  11. At the end of the night, keep all of the wishes.

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