Creating an Eco-Elegant Wedding

Get in the know of that latest swoon-worthy event trend and create your own eco-elegant wedding with mindful tips and tricks. Not only will your guests appreciate your efforts, your special day will be a part of something bigger and will have repercussions that will continue long after your wedding day is done. Weddings can have a harmful impact on the natural environment if we're not mindful in our planning. Get started by following our simple suggestions and make your wedding eco-elegant!

Give the Gift of Green
DIY projects save money and add a personal touch to your wedding. Peruse your local florist or gardening store to start getting ideas of thoughtful gifts that continue to grow long after the last drop of champagne is drank. With so many options to choose from, gifting a plant or herbs is far from boring. If you're thinking indoor plants; succulents, herbs and terrariums are trending and are very low maintenance “dry soil” plants. Outdoor plants can be gifted just as easy as indoor plants! Flower seeds, fruit seeds and flower bulbs are gifts that truly keep on giving and keep your day of love growing. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a healthier way to eat this summer and can reduce your wedding budget immensely. Flower bulbs need to be planted one time and they'll continue to do their thing. Your guests will have flowers growing every year (like your budding marriage) with very little upkeep. Make sure to choose a plant that reflects you and your future spouse; the personal touch will be sure to impress.

Think Local
Choose your wedding vendors from small local  businesses in your area to keep your community strong. You can cut some of the fat from your wedding budget by using a small bakery and caterer. One of the largest effects of the green movement has been the way we buy and produce food. There are many restaurants, bakeries, and catering companies that focus on eating local while utilizing natural ingredients. Forever Bride has vendors that work very hard to stay green.

Kowalski’s Catering is dedicated to picking fruits and veggies from the best local vendors at peak growing time, something they call "Mindful Catering". The meat used by Kowalski’s Catering will never contain hormones or antibiotics. Never, ever!

There are ways you can be responsible while picking out flowers for your wedding. To stay local, keep your flower selection local and try to stick with in-season flowers. Choosing out-of-season flowers require that they be shipped in from somewhere else in the world. A Precious Petals Florist receives a majority of their flowers from the local greenhouse, Len Busch Roses, located right here in Plymouth, MN. Along with florals from Len Busch, they also carry product from a grower in Inver Grove Heights. "The flowers we get from Faith Hill Farms are only available during the Minnesota growing season, but it allows us to offer the "farmers' market" concept to our brides if that's what they are looking for. It’s a great “green” option for our summer and fall brides to consider!" says Reba, owner of A Precious Petals.

Marna's Catering utilizes as many products from farmers' markets and local businesses as possible. In addition to glass, silver and china Marna's Catering offers, they also offer compostable plates, utensils and drinkware for the 'greener' bride.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce // There are some really simple ways you can reduce waste at your wedding. Save paper by skipping the invitations and create a wedding website. Wedding websites can control your guest list, RSVP’s, seating chart and much more. A website can also be used to keep your guests up to date on the details of your upcoming nuptials. A couple other ideas for reducing waste of paper is using real serving-ware rather than plastic and having a chalkboard menu instead of individual paper menus. Save hundreds by reducing your paper and plastic usage while achieving a more elegant and chic way to be planet-friendly. Sara’s Tipsy Pies sells "Pie Pals" that are incredibly resourceful and are made in reusable mason jars. Not only are these green to the max, they taste amazing!

Reuse // When you’re shopping for your bridal gown, don’t forget to think about heading to a consignment shop or borrowing a bridal gown! Many brides spend over $3,000 to wear their dress for only one day and then keep it in the back of the closet for the rest of their lives. I Do Two Bridal & Consignment and Mona Williams are fabulous Forever Bride members that can help you find the perfect dress at the perfect price!

Recycle // Deciding to use paper invitations doesn't have to do any harm to our natural environment. Most wedding invitations are printed on brand new paper, be unique and eco-friendly by using recycled and reused paper; the colors and tints of recycled paper can give your invitations a one-of-a kind look. Many of the businesses that print invitations have the option to upgrade to 100% recycled paper. Check out our preferred vendors, MINTED and Bella Mystique -- you’re sure to find affordable, 'green' stationary at both locations. Take it a step further and send invitations on post-consumer paper that's embedded with seeds! Yes, your guests would be able to put this invitation in the ground and while the paper is composted, the seeds will start a life of their own. These seeds can grow into flowers, vegetables or herbs. Bella Mystique, offers this exact option! Wow your guests with this exceptionally green option to get the word out about your big day.


The beautiful succulent pictured above is from A Precious Petals Florist.

Earth Friendly Services
There can be chemicals in virtually anything nowadays and it's good to be a conscious buyer when shopping for services. The only toxin-free dry cleaning services in Minnesota is Mulberrys Garment Care and we are proud to call them a Forever Bride vendor! This business takes pride in being eco-friendly as they go above and beyond with every service. Mulberrys uses recycled wood hangers, bio-degradable garment bags, environmentally friendly laundry detergent, and toxin-free dry cleaning. If there's a better way to have your wedding gown preserved, we have yet to hear about it!

Give More
Less gifts, more donations! Let’s face it, nobody wants to end up with seven sets of serving dishes. A great way to make a difference from your wedding is by creating a charity registry. A charity registry will allow you to pick select charities from around the world and have your wedding guests donate to those charities instead of buying you that serving dish you don’t really need. If you would rather have the money affect you directly, a great way to avoid duplicate or useless gifts is to set up a honeymoon fund! Through a honeymoon fund, your guests have the opportunity to crowd-fund your wedding or honeymoon. How cool is that?  Some resorts have honeymoon registries where guests can buy special excursions or spa treatments for the couple when they arrive. Get the honeymoon of your dreams and the ultimate gift from your guests.


Earth Day isn't the only day to think about making our lives greener -- Take these helpful tips and apply them anywhere and everywhere you can. Small gestures have a greater effect when done by many, so join Forever Bride and get eco-elegant with us!

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