A Bride's Review Of Moondance Cliffs

I recently followed up with a newly-married Midwest Travel Service bride and found her glowing review to be incredibly helpful, descriptive and detailed. Krystle got married this past December at the Moondance Cliffs resort in Negril, Jamaica, and she had a fabulous experience which makes me so happy! I asked if I could share her review with all of you and she said yes, so here it is!

I will never be able to say enough good things about Moondance Cliffs (MDC). I would recommend it a million times over... They went above and beyond not just for Dave and I on the wedding day, but for all of our guests throughout the entire trip. I few things to back up my claim:

· When we arrived we were greeted by a handful of people who remained important players throughout our stay, as well as by a board that welcomed our wedding party prominently during our entire stay.

· The staff helped me stuff, prepare, and hand deliver (allowed me to even go with) each welcome bag to the exact bed of each guest room.

· They simply took all my wedding materials & inspiration print-outs and I never saw them again until they were perfectly displayed on the wedding day. They asked a few questions, but I didn’t have to lift a finger.

· Somehow everyone always remembered our names.

· My mom’s room was upgraded because they worried with her disability she would not be comfortable on the second floor. Before she arrived they consulted me about this and showed me her new room to confirm this was a good idea. It was however, their idea to move and upgrade her free of charge.

· On Thursday night I had asked for a low-key welcome reception for everyone to get to know each other. They prepared butler passed appetizers and specialty drinks. Everything was so elegant. I had no idea they were doing this, as I just asked for a common place to congregate for a drink.

· On Friday the boys went on an all-day fishing trip. Since they left before breakfast, MDC prepared a bag breakfast for them to take with at 6 am.

· Friday night the boys brought home a bunch of fish and the cooks at MDC prepared it many different ways for everyone to try the fresh catch. The leftover fish was prepared for the rehearsal dinner.

· Friday, a few of the girls went cliff jumping and got their bathing suits dirty. MDC noticed and laundered them (free of charge) to remove the stains. 

· Friday, I ruined my pedicure. MDC noticed and fixed it so it would be perfect for the wedding. 

· Saturday, after the catamaran cruise that they organized for us, I returned back to MDC to find that they had setup an outdoor rehearsal dinner. I knew that we were having a rehearsal dinner but I had not made any special arrangements. We discussed what would be prepared and a good time to have it. I knew I didn’t have the budget for anything special so I never brought up any details. MDC brought in music, set up tables on the lawn with flowers and candles and other decorations with fruits and vegetables. It was so beautiful and unexpected.

· Sunday, the wedding, was beyond my expectations. Everything was well organized (if anything ever went wrong, I didn’t know it), personal, and beautiful. I never felt rushed, lost, or like my guests were not well cared for. The only tears I cried were of joy.

· Whenever we had an event, MDC informed guests that they could not dine at the restaurant we were using. Our events were always private.

· The staff was always personable, courteous, helpful, and professional, but fun too.

· I have continuously heard great things about it and just about weekly someone calls, texts, or sends a message on facebook asking when we are going back. I have had many memorable vacations... Vacations that I loved. I usually say I
will return someday, but I am always ready to go home. We weren’t ready to go home.
It was very intimate and felt like a home-away-from-home. With that being said, if a bride and groom are looking for lots of activity on the resort (outside of what they plan and their guests bring), you won’t find much. With all the things scheduled we had just enough down-time by the pool and time out & about that having a quiet resort was perfect for us. It really made things special, but I could see how some couples would prefer a busy resort with lots of people at the bar. If a bride is ever considering Moondance Cliffs and has any specific questions, let me know as I’d always be happy to answer.






Thanks to Krystle for allowing me to pass on the detailed review of this charming property. I am so happy to hear about the fantastic time you had at Moondance Cliffs... Congratulations, once again!

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