For Any Season, Have S'more!

Photo by North Mallow

Why Having S'mores at Your Wedding is the BEST Decision 

Have you ever thought about it? The perfect treat that everybody loves and goes great in EVERY season?


Think about it...

Winter | Imagine cozying around a flame at a crisp winter wedding. Whether it be an indoor fireplace or even an outdoor getaway, s'mores are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet spot in the chilly winter months.

Spring | Ahh, the time of year when you are itching for summer. Most of us kick-off spring with the first bonfire of the season, why not have your wedding feature the first bonfire of the year?! Your guests will be excited for some summer vibes. 

Summer | If your wedding is in the evening & outdoors, you HAVE to have a bonfire! And if you have a bonfire, you have to have s'mores... But, if your wedding is indoors, set up a s'mores station (North Mallow can help you with that).

Fall | Last but not least, why s'more's are perfect for the fall. Well, the weather is cooling off and a bonfire will heat your guests up. Again, you can't have a bonfire without s'mores!


Do you believe me now that s'mores are perfect ALL YEAR ROUND?!


 You know who is the s'more expert? North Mallow. They will re-create those campfire memories with their S'more Bar at your wedding! Their "Build Your Own S'more Bar" is more than just a dessert, it is a fun and interactive experience for all ages to enjoy. Perfect for any season!


North Mallow creates all-natural, gourmet marshmallows in a variety of flavors. Each and every one is made in Minnesota with love and high quality ingredients. Unlike marshmallows with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, these mallows will never catch on fire!

Did you catch that?!

These mallows with never catch on fire! 

Dream. Come. True.

They are perfect for baking and roasting!


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