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Top 5 Tips To Protect Your Hair Through The Winter

Health and Beauty // 12.20.2017


No matter what time of year your wedding is scheduled for, one thing remains the same – you want your hair to look flawless on the big day! Sure, your hairstylist can do some amazing things to make your hair look great, but are you keeping your hair healthy before the wedding?

As the chilly temperatures and dry air of winter come knocking on our doors in full force, there are a few things you should be doing to keep your hair healthy and strong. Monat Market Partner, Melina Rossbach, shares her tips and tricks for keeping your hair in tip-top shape this winter.


1) Alternate between dry shampoo and wet shampoo
Winter temperatures can make your hair and scalp become dry and damaged. Instead of using wet shampoo every day, take a break every few days and use dry shampoo, like Monat CHAMP dry shampoo, which will help condition yourscalp and give your hair bounce. Also choose a hydrating shampoo like Renew that adds essential moisture back into the hair.

2) Condition!
Protect your hairfrom the winter cold by applying a great conditioner after every shampoo. A great leave-in like Monat Restore Leave-In Conditioner will not only restore essential nutrients but it also tames frizz and flyaways. For extra nourishment add in the Monat Rejuveniqe oil as a scalp massage & hair treatment a few nights a week.

3) Be careful when drying your hair
While it’s best to let yourhair dry naturally, not all of us have the time. Gently squeeze out the excess water to shorten your drying time. Use Monat Blow Out Cream for extra heat protectant and shine! Rubbing vigorously can cause fragile wet hair break; it also can cause frizz. If you can, try not to dry it completely; stop while your hairis slightly damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. Your hair will thank you!

4) Make sure you hydrate from the inside out
That means you should increase your intake of foods rich in omega oils and drink LOTS of water!

5) Use a humidifier
Inside winter heat is very drying and a humidifier will help both yourskin and your hair stay moist. Insider Tip: Be consistent! The more you can stick to a routine like the one outlined above, the more your hair will benefit this winter and beyond.


As a Market Partner for Monat, I’ve seen some amazing hair transformations from women who start using the Monat line of products – smoother, longer, stronger, more manageable hair are just a few of the benefits these women rave about.

To learn more about Monat or to take advantage of a chance to receive a $15 gift card from yours truly, please contact me via Fix Your Hair With Melina Marie.

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