Every Bride’s Guide to Choosing the Best Hairstyle

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Nicole Fae hairstylist, Julie reveals insider tips on selecting wedding day hair and makeup that you'll love and feel confident in. 

"Congratulations! If you're reading this, it’s because you are looking forward to the best day of your life, surrounded by loved ones and hopeful that every detail is as perfect as you had planned. Most of us know how important it is to choose the perfect venue, food, and stationery, but it’s much harder to decide on how you want to LOOK for the most important day of your life.

As a hair stylist & freelancer for 14 years, I have seen a LOT of bridal trends come and go. Your wedding is a great time to try something trendy you have never done with your look before, but it also needs to be understood that if you don’t look like the best version of yourself on your big day, you may be looking back at photos next year, 5, or 20 years from now, and wonder “What was I thinking?” Keep reading to find out how the professionals can help.

Once you have chosen your glam squad, you can expect to be offered a trial run appointment. Note, a “consultation” is typically a free service, but the “trial run” is a paid, full service and sometimes included in the total price with day-of hair pricing. This appointment is supposed to be a stress free time for you and your stylist to share ideas, get to know your expectations, and finalize a desired look for the wedding day.

(**Insider tip: if you are planning on doing a boudoir photography shoot, directly after your trial run is the best time, usually you can unpin your hair if it’s styled up, and be left with a flawlessly made up but more romantic, hair down style which is
perfect for boudoir shoots). It is recommended to collect and bring pictures and images of hair and makeup ideas that appeal to you. Pinterest has been game changing in terms of bridal beauty photos being accessible to all. Even if the picture stands out as something you DON’T like, the process of elimination can be very helpful in deciding a bridal look.

Taking your time to prepare for the trial run will pay off in the end. Hair and makeup artist Tanner J said it best, “It’s ok to change your mind along the way! We as artists are prepared to change direction on a whim, because you never know what will look the best until you’re wearing it”! Do not be afraid to speak up about your likes and dislikes. It is your stylist’s job to make recommendations and execute your desired look, based on YOUR idea of what will make you
feel the most beautiful on the big day. You should leave your trial run feeling like you have 100% confidence in the look that you and your stylist created. This is what bridesmaids are for! Bring one to take pictures and ask any other questions that you may not remember.

After researching and interviewing several leading bridal artists, two key points came up over and over: “know thyself” and “photos are forever”. If your personality is spontaneous, edgy, or very carefree, then perhaps a trendy faux hawk braid or gorgeous succulent floral crown could be a great focus for your bridal look. If your personality is more conservative, maybe a polished chignon or an all down style would suit you the best.

Seasoned bridal veteran Nicole Fae wondered, “If you NEVER wear your hair up, why would you wear it up on the biggest day of your life?” The point is that you want those “awwws” from the congregation, as you walk down the aisle, to be sounds of people delighting in your beauty, not sounds of people wondering out loud why they don’t recognize you. Your guests want to feel your personality coming through! From the invitations you sent, the song you dance to for the first time, and the signature drink you serve, you and your groom’s personality is going to shine, down to the last detail.

Don’t make the mistake of going way over the top with hair and makeup, if “over the top” doesn’t suit your personalities. Looking as good as you feel on your wedding day is going to show in your confidence, which is going to show in the way you greet each guest, and going to carry through in the amazing photos you will cherish for years to come."

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Model: Heather Lambert
Makeup: Nicole Fae
Hair: Jule Hunkins
Photography: Lisa Ophoven
Flowers: Sadie’s Floral

Model: Margaret Sinarath
Makeup: Tanner J
Hair: Julie Hunkins
Photography: Lisa Ophoven
Flowers: Sadie’s Floral

Model: Michelle Amries
Makeup: Lindsay Lickteig
Hair: Julie Hunkins
Photography: Lisa Ophoven
Flowers: Sadie’s Floral

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