Get the Celebrity Look for Less with James Allen

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? Have you been looking at celebrity’s engagement rings for ideas and inspiration? James Allen makes it possible for you to design an engagement ring that looks exactly like your favorite stars while staying within a reasonable budget. Who says you can have a ring like Beyonce or Blake Lively? With James Allen that is all possible!

1. Start by picking the diamond from James Allen’s extensive collection of gems of all sizes, cuts and colors including rare fancy color diamonds.

2. Next pick a band that most closely resembles that of your favorite celeb.

3. Voila! The finished product can replicate almost any celebrity ring without your boyfriend breaking the bank.

Below are some beautiful examples of James Allen's extensive collection.

Blake Lively vs. James Allen



Kate Middleton vs. James Allen



Gisele Bundchen vs. James Allen



Beyonce Knowles vs. James Allen



Katherine Heigl vs. James Allen



Carrie Underwood vs. James Allen



About James Allen //
James Allen’s new website marks the arrival of a reputable luxury jeweler that provides a genuine alternative to the dated practices of jewelry stores, and proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune for the very best diamonds and engagement rings. One of the major advantages of the new James Allen website is their exclusive never-before-seen Diamond Display Technology. This technology magnifies diamonds 15X in high-resolution and lets users interact with diamonds in 360°.

As a result, customers can truly experience a diamond’s unique beauty, cut, color, clarity and sparkle better than they would in a jewelry store, all from the comfort of their home or mobile device. James Allen has also expanded its variety of diamonds to include a wide selection of beautiful, rare fancy color diamonds. These magnificent stones are frequently sought after by aficionados, but James Allen’s competitive prices make fancy color diamonds accessible to consumers shopping within a budget as well. Additionally, the re-branded site features an exclusive new James Allen Collection, a hand- crafted line of engagement rings created by top designers to complement any style and budget. These unique designs are an exciting new addition to the James Allen brand.




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