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Custom Ring Process with The Jeweler Ryan


Are you looking for more of a unique engagement ring or really, any unique piece of jewelry? Vice President of Forever Bride, Ashley Hawks is sharing her custom ring experience with The Jeweler Ryan of how he turned a basic (boring, and so not her style!) diamond necklace into a stunning ring of her Pinterest dreams!

When my husband and I first began dating (14 years ago...WOW!), he gifted me a diamond necklace. It was extremely sweet of him but honestly, the necklace just wasn’t my style. I never wore it but never got rid of it because of the sentimental value (see photo of the necklace below).



Fast forward almost a decade and half––I was scrolling through Pinterest and fell in love with a ring that glistened with my name and style (pictured above).


I was gushing about this ring while the Forever Bride team chatted with Ryan of The Jeweler Ryan at their Forever Feature interview and photoshoot (you can view that here). Without hesitation he started explaining the idea of taking an old piece of jewelry and diamond to create this ring. WHAT?! You can imagine my pure excitement!

We proceeded to chat about what the process would look like, the metal type––he even explained the differences between 14K, 18K, & 24K & pros and cons to each––as well as which finger I would wear it on. He measured my ring size, and took in the gold chain from the necklace as trade toward the ring.





But he didn’t end there (Ryan always goes above and beyond)––he made a computer rendering to ensure it was exactly what I pictured. AND he even made a wax version that I could see and feel. Amazing, right?!


Above is the wax version!


Keep scrolling to see what the process looks like!









The results: The actual ring was 100 times more beautiful than I could have imagined, and it is so special because the diamond has such special meaning to me from my sweet husband.

It fits perfectly, has great weight to it, and I know will last me a lifetime (probably longer!) I can see this ring being a special part of my family as someday my daughter will have it, and hopefully she will give it her to daughter. It’s like I started a family heirloom!



I love when someone compliments my ring and I have this incredible story to tell them! I would have never found anything like this in a store. It was worth every penny.


It’s been such a privilege to personally work with a Forever Bride vendor. Not only do I get to be a customer of an ultra-talented jeweler, but I love being able to ensure that our Forever Bride brides are in great hands with our wedding professionals.

And with the sparkly, custom ring on my finger, I can happily point you right to him with the most confidence that he will create the ring of your dreams, too.


P.S. Ryan gave me a discount for all of you! Mention Forever Bride to receive $100 off her wedding band when you also buy his! Click here for details.

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