Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Photo by Cymbeline Paris

There are a lot of wedding bells chiming this year as A-List Celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus are getting engaged! The big question is, what are they going to wear?! There are so many designers, trends and tastes in the 2013 Wedding Fashion season, how are they going to choose?

One big trend right now is French Chic. The Parisian women are known for their "conventional chic" in their day-to-day lives. She tends to highlight the basics, making her daring demure a major asset. One of the most famous designers for Bridal Wear in Europe and Worldwide, Cymbeline Paris, presents their 2013 collection highlighting the attitude, irreverence and intuition of the every day Parisian woman.

Which one of our A-List celebrities will glide down the aisle in one of these beautiful wedding gowns?


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