The Do's & Don'ts Of A Good Blog

Blogs // 04.19.2017




Did you know there are approximately 3 million active blogs on the Internet? So what makes a reader interested and makes them interact? (ie: read more, comment, share with friends, or best yet, BUY!)


The best blogs have 2 main qualities: passion and specificity.


Readers want a single topic, that is informative with a personal touch or real- life opinionated feel.


What we are looking for:

Think about a question you are asked often. What do you feel brides need to know to help make wedding planning easier? What have you learned by being in the industry that you feel is helpful or insightful?

We do not want:

The history of your company.

Your experience in the wedding industry or list of successes.

What makes you better than your competition.


Again, blogs are not advertisements, or a direct promotional piece. They are short “nuggets” of information that your reader can benefit from.


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