Wedding Vendor Etiquette

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Assuming this is your first time planning a wedding, it’s hard to know where to begin! Luckily, wedding vendors have made this their job and know exactly how it all goes down. To help make planning go as smooth as possible, you want to create a good relationship with the vendors you’re working with. Utilize our helpful advice to be an efficient planner while being mindful of your vendors.

1. You may have come across a “Wedding Timeline” or “Wedding Checklist” online that’s ready to print out at your leisure. The problem with these lists is that they aren’t personalized and no two weddings are the same. Not everything on a checklist applies to your event and that’s ok! Take a spin on making your event yours.


2. Get the most from your vendors by understanding that all vendors have business hours and events that may constrain their available times to meet. Don’t ask to meet Saturday at 5:00pm because that’s prime event time. If you’re wanting to see an event space on the weekend, it most likely won’t work out because of a reservation. Think ahead.


3. Be respectful and establish a relationship with your vendors. Being on time for your appointments will give you the full time allotted to talk about your event. This benefits both you and your vendors. Their time is valuable and so is yours!


4. If you’re unhappy with the service you’re getting from a vendor, don’t be afraid to ask to work with someone more skilled. If your needs aren’t being met, ask to speak to someone higher up in the business. You’re paying lots of money, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.


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