V.I.B. Bride Katie C's Perspective: Is Your Wedding Dress Price Negotiable?

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The question on your mind is no longer, what are you going to wear on your first date  to what are you going to wear to remember a moment for the rest of your life? Most guys think it’s not a big deal because you only wear your dress for one-day right? Girls understand that the dress you pick today will be with you for years to come. Pictures will get passed down from generation to generation and your dress will either haunt you or become your biggest asset.

One of the first questions any good sales associate will ask is, "What is your price range you would like to stay between?" You never know if a dress is able to get marked down, so I would always say a little bit higher then what your comfortable with. (Remember I said a little tinsy bit higher not a giant leap of faith). If you are hesitant to discuss this in front of the people you brought with you, I would call and let your sales associate know in advance to set some dresses aside for you.

It’s always important to shop with a pee-determined budget in mind. So stay strong my friend! Nothing is worse then going home with buyer’s remorse or always asking yourself, what if you got the other dress? Most bridal experts have said about 10% of your budget should go to your dress. I say you should spend whatever you feel comfortable with. The price tag you see upfront isn’t the end of the day price. More then likely you will need to get something altered. The hemline is too long, the bust is too big, unless you are planning on getting your boobs done this will need to be taken in. I found that if everything needed to be done around $400-500. If only a few small details, expect $100-200. Just remember you will be able to find a dress that is perfect for you no matter how much you have allotted yourself to spend.

When you do fall in love with the perfect dress, I have found a few tricks to help in negotiating the price to make it a reasonable price. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned towards something else you will be able to buy for your celebration.


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Tip #1. Shop within your budget.

It’s not going to help you by trying on dresses that are 10 times more then what you are willing to spend. Only focus your energy on dresses that you might actually buy. It makes the process real and you could actually be saying yes to the dress.

Tip #2. Clearance racks are not always a bad thing.

You can find top designer brands for deep discounted prices. There are many reasons why a dress might be on a clearance shelf. This could mean the dress is going out of stock. It could also mean that the dress has a defect; such as a small snag or tear. If you know a good seamstress or can sew yourself, this could be a good option for you. Getting a dress 75% off with a small additional cost of a few buttons could be a great choice.

Tip #3. Buying off the rack.

Once you have said yes to the dress, check what sizes the store currently has in stock and what condition they are in. Many stores will let you buy their sample dresses at a discounted price. This helps them too, so don’t feel bad because it clears out room for new dresses to come in. It’s also is not a secret how long they have had the dress at their store, you might be the first person to try it on. Think about buying off the rack for your veil as well - this could cut the price almost in half! Word of caution, if the dress is not close to your size you might end up paying more in alteration costs than the dress itself.


Tip #4. Have your groomsmen rent their tuxes from your stores preferred vendor.

Many wedding shops will offer a discount on the men’s tuxes and your dress if you use their vendor for their rentals. Check on this before you buy your dress. Each store has its own promotions and you want to make sure you find the one that works best for you.

Tip #5. If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

Don’t be fooled by online stores from half way around the world claiming to make you a $15,000 designer custom made dress for the price of your shoes. Even though they are custom made and have you take your own measurements, they will most likely be non refundable. Take a look at my friend’s picture of her bridesmaid dress. It doesn’t even match the picture of the dress she thought she was buying! She thought she was getting a one-shoulder tea length dress. Instead she got a strappy short un-evened cut mini dress. So buyer beware if you want to take the  chance it might work then definitely go for it! Otherwise save yourself the trouble and try on the dress first.

Tip #6 Save money if you do purchase online.

Not all online purchases are bad. There are definitely shops where you can get your belts and added accessories for a great deal. And who doesn’t feel good about saving money, I know I do! I discovered a site called Ebates that not only gives you an added % off your items but also PAYS YOU CASH BACK TO SHOP when you go through their site. Rewards change daily for example as of today’s date when you click the link below


Years to come you will be looking back at your pictures, glowing about how amazing you and your husband look together. Treasure these moments of dress shopping with your friends and family because you will hopefully only do it once! Don’t worry if you can’t get your dress price down, as long as you love it and can afford it, it’s a win in my book! Happy Shopping!

Author: Katie C. | V.I.B. Bride

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Ethan Brad, said on
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