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The wedding hashtag trend is one of the most controversial ones amongst today’s Brides. Do we want our guest on their phones the whole time or do we want everyone to capture moments and be able to relive all of the precious memories? 

Here is our take, #WeLoveWeddingHashtags

Not only do you get to enjoy all of the flawless photos taken by your very expensive photographer but you get to enjoy the precious moments captured by your guests. The best thing about #TheHashtag is that you just click on it and BAM all of the photos in one little feed. How great?

But you have got to get creative!!

Simply using #NewLastNameWedding is not enough, you will get lost in the sea of every other Bride-To-Be becoming your new last name as well. So find something cute and quirky that is unique to you and your Fiance, then hashtag that! 

But not all of us are the best when it comes to word play. Lucky for you, there are so many websites that help you find a new and creative hashtag. They also let you know if a hashtag is taken or how much it has been used. Talk about easy peasy! 

So, don’t miss out on this trend. You, your guests, and your social media followers won’t regret it. 

Time to get #Creative!

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