Sweets & Treats: How Much to Order?

Are you always over estimating? Under estimating? Do you always have gallons of leftovers? Well today's blog is all about how to order the correct amounts, specifically in the category of desserts. Although I am sure we would all be okay with mounds of left over wedding cake or a couple extra dozen macaroons, but those items can be spendy! Luckily, Amy Brace of Amy's Cupcake Shoppe is here to help! Amy is a local Twin Cities baker and one of Forever Brides's tastiest VIB vendors. Read on for helpful tips and tricks on how to properly order your next set of sweets and treats!

Author: Amy Brace- Amy's Cupcake Shoppe | Image: Poly Mendes Photography

Are you planning on hosting an event and need to know how much dessert to order? Let me assist you! There are quite a few thing to take into account when ordering dessert for a large group event.

If you know the people and their dessert habits fairly well, that will help. Do your guests see different flavors and want to try them all? Or are they more reserved and take only one dessert and call it good? If you're planning a smaller more intimate party, you will probably have a better idea. But if you're planning a wedding, there will probably be quite a number of people whose dessert habits you are unaware of. That's okay, we can figure it out! If the crazy dessert monger shows up, you'll be prepared!

To start, the chart on the left will help you know how many servings the cake you ordered will serve. Make sure to note the numbers on the right side will be serving size normal for any event other than a wedding. The left side is what is left up to the professional cake cutters for weddings. The also same goes for square cakes!

In case you are doing the dirty work of cutting the cake, the chart on the right is a guide of getting the most out of your cake! Or, it could double as a way to get yourself half the cake and still feed the rest of your guests. No worries- your secret is safe with me! Yay for circles and triangles!



Now a super important detail: how many servings to order per person. What you order will make a big difference of how much you'll need to order. The chart above is fantastic for reference, but keep in mind those guests who will take one of every flavor just because there is no security and they can.

I once helped a bride who did not even get to eat her own dessert because guests were taking one of every flavor. Cupcakes and macaroons at your event allows you to have lots of amazing flavors, just be aware that you will need to order enough for your guests to have enough 'till their bellies are content! Welcome to the world of desserts!



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