The Perfect Gift

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Everyone has that special date that you celebrate once a year. Whether it be the anniversary of when you first starting dating, your wedding date, or another significant date; here are some ideas to help you have a memorable anniversary celebration!

Create a wish list!

A great way to find out what your man wants is to have him create a wish list on  Amazon sells just about everything.  This will make it easier for you to get ideas.  Make a wish list for yourself while you are at it!

Splurge on something unique!

Have you ever considered giving him a gift that he will never forget?  Go treat yourself to a boudoir photo shoot!  This is a great gift for both of you!  You will have a blast feeling like a celebrity for a day!  Or, if you are not comfortable doing something like that, plan a day trip.  Look for deals on last minute travel.  Or go on a hiking trip.  There's nothing like a quick get away to help you celebrate the anniversary of you and your man!


Be Sentimental

When it's your anniversary, I say be as cheesy as you want!  Make him a collage or frame a picture for him.  You could even make him a book with pictures that capture your relationship.  Write him a poem or plan a date that is meaningful to him.  Put some effort in it, because these are the kind of moments that you will remember forever!

Author: Jessica Dennison

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