Offbeat Honeymoon Part 2: Packing Essentials

Advice // 06.22.2017


This is a three-part series highlighting offbeat honeymoons. Our lovely intern, Karah is getting married and will be discussing the process of planning, packing, and then presenting the actual honeymoon and her recommendations. Be sure to check out part one if you missed it! 

We are 10 days from heading off to our honeymoon, and yes, we are in full swing of excitement and a little bit of panic mode. The trip has inched up on us almost too fast, but nonetheless, we are beginning to pack for our 12 days of overseas adventures! For me, packing for a trip can be a bit stressful and a bit confusing. I’m totally a last minute packer, and hardly ever plan out what items I’ll bring along with me until about 2 hours before I’m supposed to head out the door. This time around, I’m a bit smarter and more prepared, and wanted to share my ideas + tips with you!

For this post, I really wanted to create a list of essentials for you that personally make my life abroad so much more comfortable + easy going. Let me tell you upfront that this list will not be a list of the classic essentials such as socks, toothbrush, phone charger, and whatever else we all already know to bring along on our vacations. This list will be full of necessities that have helped to make my vacations feel a little more like home, and a little less constraining. Also, on a side note… I’m challenging myself to fit all of these things into a carry-on suitcase. So this list will also be carry-on friendly! Let’s get started!

PS Keep scrolling to download our Honeymoon Packing Checklist! 



1. A Good Moisturizer!

It’s no secret that traveling can exhaust you from the inside out. Every time I head out the door for a vacation, I arrive to my destination with dry and tired skin. After countless of travels, I’ve learned to never leave home without a good facial moisturizer. My at home favorite is the Clinique Dramatizing Lotion. I don’t go a day without it and will love it forever. Unfortunately however it doesn’t provide any protection from the sun.

So for this trip, I’m bringing along my Clinique Smart Broad Spectrum Moisturizer. It has SPF 15, erases wrinkles from those long & no sleep plane rides, and evens skin tone. What more could I ask for? If you choose to go this route, make sure to get the travel size!

2. Hoola Zero Tanlines Matte Body Bronzer

You guys, this one is an absolute MUST for me. After a long day in the sun, or maybe not getting quite enough of it, Hoola’s Body Bronzer helps to even out your skin tone while also giving you a natural bronzed glow. A plus? It doesn’t leave streak marks! This stuff is seriously fool proof. The bottle itself is a bit big for you to bring on in a carry-on bag, so I plan on transferring some of the product into an empty plastic travel-sized bottle that I picked up at Target. If you're more interested in having a pro do the work for you, head over to our lovelies at GloPatrol!

3. Hand Sanitizer

Maybe hand sanitizer is a bit obvious to add to your travel bags, but somehow it’s incredibly easy for me to forget. Anyways, my personal faves are from Bath & Body. SO many wonderful scents, that leave you feeling clean & fresh.

4. Dry Shampoo

Yes. Yes. Yes. Dry shampoo, thank you. This little pick-me-up is a quick way to get out the door quickly without compromising your beautiful honeymoon look. For me, showering, then blow drying, then styling my hair is SUCH a task. Somedays you just want to roll out of bed and get to all of the excitement waiting for you. Dry shampoo, you are the answer.

5. Multi-Task Makeup Brush

This little number is a one stop shop for your facial, makeup up brush needs. Packing for a carry-on means that I don’t have all the space in the world to be bringing my entire makeup collection from home and that means my brushes too.

It’s a space saver, and just a miracle worker when it comes to saving me time in the bathroom on my vacations. I don’t have to be searching all over for my next brush in my travel bag.

6. All-In-One Face Kit

Same goes for these guys. A true all-in-one experience, neat and compact, and a time saver. Need I say more? If you’re anything like me and want a quick, easy purchase that will give you everything you need, head to Sephora and grab one of these.

If you have your personal favorite bronzer, lip stain, blush, eyeshadow, you name it… this might be better suited for you. You can have all of your faves literally in the palm of your hand, all at once.



1. A Lightweight Camera

Another obvious one, I know. But I want to suggest splurging on a Go-Pro if you’re trying to pack on the lighter side. For us, we’ll be hopping place to place. So the more I have to carry, the more likely I’ll get a bit crabby.

I like to feel free and weightless during my days of exploration, and a GoPro is the perfect way to get those instagram worthy pics, but not compromise space in your bag for the day.

2.On-The-Go Charger

These are my best friend. I can’t tell you how many times one of these has helped me get through the last hours of my traveling, or have helped me to still have access to my phone where there are no wall outlets are site. Simply amazing, and I’ll never travel without one of these ever again.

3. Travel Tunes Playlist

Mhmm, get around to making one if you have the time. My fiance and I LOVE to have a playlist ready to go while we are getting ready, driving to our next pit stop, or hanging out on the beach. Thanks to Spotify, we feel right at home no matter the place. To create your own perfect travel playlist, sign-up and create an account to get started.




1. Swimsuits // Pick Two!

Why only two? Because realistically that’s truly all you need. There’s nothing worse than putting on a wet swimsuit, so it’s nice to have an extra one on hand while you let the other dry for the day.

2. Swimsuit Cover // Doubles as Day-Wear

These are so easy, minimal, and helpful when you want to quickly pack up your spot on the beach and head for a quick mid-day lunch. It allows you the flexibility to freely explore, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy your excursion without having to get fully dressed and re-ready for the next adventure.

3. One-Piece Outfits // Rompers + Dresses

These are space savers, and de-stressers for me. I don’t have to think about what shirt will match with what bottoms, or vice versa. I can simply throw on a cute romper and call it a day without having to settle for an outfit that I don’t like at the time, or one that is too much baggage in my suitcase. Dresses, rompers, pantsuits, they are all so easy peasy.

4. Workout Apparel // Pick Two // Lightweight + Airy + Breezy

For someone who practically lives in workout apparel outside of work hours, this one is hard and I’m probably going to try to sneak a couple more outfits in if I can. A comfy set of shorts, and a LuLu Lemon tank - you simply can’t go wrong. You still feel fashionable, but have the freedom to move and explore in comfort. Plus, you’ll probably catch me on a run once or twice during the honeymoon. Anybody with me?

5. Lingerie // Optional but Appreciated

This one will be a last minute decision for my packing essentials. If there’s room, let’s do it and throw it in the bag. It is the honeymoon after all! I want it to be special and out of the ordinary. My bridesmaids hooked me up with some gorgeous attire, and it shouldn’t be put to waste! Maybe grab one or two lingerie outfits or items and bring them along. Your fiance will be appreciative!

6. Heels/Wedge // Pick One

Again, we’re talking about a carry on suitcase here. We need to be a little minimal when it comes to our selections. I’m planning to bring wedges, because you just can’t go wrong with wedges. They give you the, “let’s go out on date” look, but have my feet thanking me for a painless evening.

7. Comfy Shoes // Pick Two

Have one pair on your feet as you head out on your adventure. Have one pair packed away. I’m a nike girl, so my nikes will definitely be joining us. As far as something more fashionable to go with my dresses and rompers, I’m choosing some comfy, strappy sandals that can be interchangeable between outfits.




1. Swell Water Bottle

THESE WORK. Honestly. Do they hold much water, not a ton. Definitely not enough to get you through the day. However, what they do offer is a cold drink for 24 hours. In my experience, even longer. I swear, I’ll leave mine in the car during a hot summer afternoon and it will still be cold at 6:00pm when I’m heading home from work. I’m all about these bottles, and highly encourage you to make the splurge to get one. They won’t disappoint!

2. Travel Wallet

I love to have all of my things organized in one place. Especially while I’m on the go. This one will hold your passport, cards, cash, boarding tickets, you name it. It’s easy to find in your bag, it’s cute, and it holds pretty much the most important documents while on your trip. It’s a must!

3. Travel Organizers

I’m going to admit that I truly don’t know how to pack. I don’t know how to utilize the room in my suitcase to include the most of my closet and makeup drawer. I just ordered these guys the other day, and am praying that they can teach me a thing or two. I have to remember that I’m not only packing for the trip, but I’m also packing to bring a few souvenirs home as well.

4. A Good Book

For this trip, we chose to go with a book that would be one for us to read together during our downtime on our honeymoon. Before heading out on your trip, I suggest couple's devotional books or even just a romantic read.

There you have it! All of my essentials away from home! I hope that this list helped inspire you, and can assist you during your packing sesh! Happy packing & safe travels!

Stay tuned for my review on our honeymoon trip!


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Elizabeth Richards, said on
You are amazing, Karah!!!!

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