The Littlest Angels

My father sent me an email today that made me tear up. I was away on vacation with my mom and he wrote us this poem while we were away. He said that writing this made him feel better about the recent events in Connecticut.

The Littlest Angels

In a sky filled with stars
Full of sparkle, oh so bright.
There is something quite special
On this cold winter night.

A new constellation appears
so clear to my eye
I am in awe of the sight
But I am not sure I know why.

I stand in the snow
and stare for a while.
As twenty stars form a face
with a huge child smile.

Our new littlest angels
Have found their way
Playing games in the heavens
To let us know it is okay.

Holding hands with each other
Only love, no more fears.
Their six teachers beside them
Smiling brightly, no more tears.

So the next chance you get
Look for the brightest shooting star
You will say to yourself
“littlest angel there you are”.

My father was fortunate enough to see me grow into the young woman that I am today but he still sees me as his little girl with a bouncy ponytail running from the school bus to show him my latest artwork. Twenty sets of parents and six other families were robbed of this excitement because of the tragic events that happened this past Friday.

I hope with prayer and guidance from others, this poem will guide these families to search the stars and find their little angels and know they are safe. The Forever Bride family gives condolences to all the families impacted and hopefully this poem will give them some light during these dark times. I know it has for me.

I love you dad.
-Kaitlin Keller

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