How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Toast

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How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Toast

Giving a speech at the reception can be very nerve-wracking. You probably have so many questions, right?  What do i say? What are my boundaries? How long do I make it? Here are a few tips on how to create a memorable speech your loved ones will never forget.


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Take It Seriously

You were given a huge role and are speaking on behalf of the guests to bless the newlyweds. Maturity and grace are essential on toasting the bride and groom. 

Know Your Audience

Don't break out all of your inside jokes because nobody will understand. Save the dirty details for someone at the bar later who will actually find it funny. Picking light fun at the couple will be sure to make everyone laugh and will keep your speech full of emotion. With that being said, don't zip through your speech at 200 words per minute. Slow and steady wins the race!

Add Humor and Tears

Think of a silly memory between you and the bride that will make the room smile. Any funny story should be told with a big dose of love. On the opposite spectrum, tears are really not that hard to get during a speech. (Especially from your Aunt Lori who's had one too many glasses of wine.) Pulling on the heartstrings a little bit with a huge life event that happened or a tribute to someone who is ill or has passed away will get people emotional. Make sure to get their names PERFECT!


State The Obvious

Yes, we all know the bride is beautiful, the groom is handsome and families must be so proud...but people love to be mentioned. Make it sweet and make others feel good! A majority of the people are a tad tipsy and emotional at this point in the day and will love the praise.

Be Creative

If you have never done anything by the books, why stop now? Instead of a speech make up a song or rap about the couple. This will be sure to wow the guests and keep them entertained. With that being said, if you're planning something super outrageous...check with the bride beforehand!


Practice, Practice, Practice

Don't worry about memorizing what you're going to say. Write it down and practice reading it out loud over and over. You want to sound natural and sincere while the spotlight is on you. Don't forget to keep it short and simple. 

Raise Your Glasses!

Be sure everyone's glasses are full and cheers to the newly married couple.


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