Hire a planner, or DIY?!

The ring is purchased, the question is popped, and you’ve made the decision of your lives—to spend them together.  As a couple, you’ve gotten yourselves this far, but another question soon comes up—can we do this?  Whether you’re dreaming of a traditional wedding with a black-tie reception, a bohemian gathering at an art gallery, or a barefoot beachfront start to your lives together, the details can be overwhelming.  From the guest list to the last dance, planning even the simplest wedding requires time and dedication that few busy brides and grooms have to spare.  Enter, the wedding planner.

 "Planning even the simplest wedding requires time and dedication"

Some brides and grooms (and mothers of brides and grooms!) are willing to put their professional and social lives on hold to orchestrate that perfect day.  Jenny, of Minneapolis, had other plans.  “My engagement was one of the happiest times of my life,” she says. “I didn’t want to spend it juggling vendor phone numbers or budget line items.  Hiring a planner was the best decision I made.” An experienced, professional wedding planner is the difference between a wedding you can survive and a wedding you can enjoy.

A good planner leads a team of photographers, videographers, caterers, musicians, and even relatives.  Steeped in the industry, a planner has expert contacts and is knowledgeable in the nuances of planning such as event pacing and etiquette.  With a neutral, unbiased opinion, a planner leads you through key decisions that will ensure your guests are well taken care of.  More importantly, a planner ensures that you, too, can be a guest at your wedding.  With day-of services, a planner is a professional assistant that can put out any fires—sometimes literally—that can flare up once your big event is in motion.

"A good planner leads a team"

Many planners offer a menu of services that you can pick and choose from based on your budget.  A planner can help you budget and make sure you aren’t going over.  Having a hands-on coordinator from the beginning (starting with a budget) to the end is a good investment for many.  Other couples prefer more limited involvement such as having a planner help book key vendors.  For most, day-of coordination is an indispensible service that turns all those best-laid plans into the Best Day Ever.  A good planner offers an array of tools, including:

wedding checklists

a detailed budget
timelines, down to a minute-by-minute schedule  for the
a planning calendar with reminders for important decisions
schedule of vendor meetings
electronic and hard copies of what has been promised by vendors

With these tools, industry contacts, and a wealth of knowledge, a wedding planner helps you make well-informed decisions.  Your venues already have on-site coordinators?  Great—these point-people are members of the team your planner will lead.  When you partner with a planner, you can relax and enjoy a day that goes (for once!) exactly as planned.

 "Having a hands-on coordinator from the beginning (starting with a budget) to the end is a good investment for many"

Remember: This is your wedding!

Author: Lynn Edwardy
Premier Planning Services, Wedding Planner

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