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We spoke with one of our own makeup vendors, Julie Swenson, to bring our VIB Brides helpful beauty tips from the beauty guru herself!

1. Want a Flawless Glow?

Research. Research. Research. And when that's not enough, allow yourself enough time to experiment with tanning lotions beforehand. We can't stress this enough. Glowing with a hint of bronze is okay- orange or unnaturally dark is not. Julie cautions not to go too dark because you may loose some of your natural dimension - and let's face it, we want bone structure. No pun intended.

2. Prep Your Face.

Getting a blemish-free face certainly won't happen overnight - and it might not even happen over a couple of weeks. "[Brides] should start a solid skin care routine six months in advance," Julie says. You heard the expert - start a regimen as soon as possible for best results. And when all else fails, find a dermatologist.

3. Frame Your Eyes

Waterproof mascara is a must-have for brides. "I like the old tried and true, Maybelline Great Last in black," Julie says.

4. How much makeup is too much?

Obviously brides -and bridesmaids - will be taking a lot of pictures. So cake on the makeup, right? Not exactly - Julie says there needs to be a balance of what is seen on your wedding day and what is seen in pictures. "There's an art in popping features without looking overdone."

5. The Word 'Makeup' doesn't exist in your vocab?

Not all women wear makeup and that's okay! But what does that mean for your wedding day? Julie recommends finding a makeup artist whose work is similar to your style, finding pictures of what you're comfortable with doing and doing a test run beforehand. Makeup isn't in your daily routine and may even feel a little unnatural but experimenting with it earlier will leave you feeling comfortable and confident on your wedding day.

6. Makeup that lasts.

In addtion to primers of course, Julie recommends hiring a professional makeup artist to get the makeup you want and keep it from start to finish. "We are trained to do layering techniques that ensure the makeup is flawless and long-lasting."

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