A Guest's Survival Guide to the Wedding Season Part 5

I hope you have all enjoyed this this five-part session on a guest's survival to the wedding season. I hope it has been helpful! This entire guide can be found in Cosmopolitan June 2013 issue titled, "The Ultimate Wedding Season Survival Guide," by Helin Jung.

Enjoy Part 5: "Open Bar"

Even if your friends think it's going to be awesome--unlimited free drinks--you don't want to be the one who can't keep it together. There is a time and place for that but you also don't want to be antisocial.

Jackson Cannon, co-owner of The Hawthorne Bar in Boston, shares some secrets of enjoying yourself while staying in control.

1.Tip the bartender up front and ask him to make your drinks weaker than normal.

2.Mix your alcohol with juices and a splash of soda.

3.Make sure you eat. Don't let the drinks keep flowing while your on an empty stomach.

What if it is a dry wedding? It's tempting but do not bring a flask!

Author: Kaitlin Keller | Director of Content | Forever Bride
Information Compiled from: Helin Jung | Cosmopolitan June 2013

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