A Guest's Survival Guide to the Wedding Season Part 4

Part 4 "What's Your Relationship Status?"

Ideally we all would love every wedding to be the kind where the guests are your closest friends because you are 100 percent guaranteed an amazing time! But...most are littered with land mines. We may have our best intentions at heart, but we are human and sometimes say dumb things. Here's what you do when...

1.You're Flying Solo

Watch Out. Unattached at a wedding can be a bummer. It's such a romantic and happy day that if you're not careful, you may start yourself a pity party.

 Say What? "You're still not dating anyone? You have such a pretty face!"

Your Comeback: "I know! Outrageous right?! This pretty face needs to mingle...so I'll catch you later."

2. You're Coupled Up

Watch Out. If you just started dating, going to a wedding together means you're on display as a couple. And if you're traveling any kind of distance, you'll be logging days together without any downtime to breathe. If you have been dating for a while and you've been wanting to get married yourself, someone else's wedding can unearth sore feelings about the status of your own relationship.

Say What? "Been together a while now? When's it going to be your turn?"

Your Comeback: "We're just so in love, you know? Do you remember that feeling of being so head over heels you never want it to end? We're in that moment now and happy to be here with everyone sharing in this celebration."

3. Your Ex Is Going To Be There

Watch Out. Jealousy is powerful. It's going to be tough to rein in your inner wounded animal, but you must.

Say What? You tug on his shirt sleeve and urgently say, "We need to talk." Things escalate into a fight.

The Better Move: Be the first to approach - PLAY NICE! - and get it over with. Just say hi and that it is good to see them and to have a good time. It's empowering to make the first move and set the tone.

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Author: Kaitlin Keller | Director of Content | Forever Bride
Information Source: Helin Jung | Cosmopolitan June 2013

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