A Guest's Survival Guide to the Wedding Season Part 3

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. We are talking about the theme here but the type of wedding - family wedding, coworker wedding, college-friend wedding and the wedding where you haven't seen the people in YEARS and you may panic about what they'll think of you. The secret to having a good time? Being Social. Here are some great tips on how to be social gracefully in...

Part 3 "Who's Going to Be There?"

1.Act Like You're The Host of This Party - Try to make the people around you feel good {talking to strangers, introducing old friends to the people you've just met, and engaging with all of them}

2.Introduce Yourself to Your Table - If you're with a date, don't use him as a crutch and ignore everyone else.

3.Slow Down - It helps with remembering names and feeling comfortable.

4.Come Up With Talking Points Ahead of Time - Socializing isn't as scary when you have things to say. It's also a great time to ask questions - show people you are interested!

5.Give More Than a One-Word Answer When Someone Ask How You're Doing - Give them a sense of your life or description - Just Not a Novel!

Author: Kaitlin Keller | Director of Content | Forever Bride
Info. Compiled From: Helin Jung | Cosmopolitan June 2013

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