A Guest's Survival Guide to the Wedding Season Part 2

Hi future guests of this summer's wedding season. As promised, here is part two. Enjoy!

"What Are You Going to Wear?"

It is true that it is the bride's special day, but let's be real - you want to look amazing too! Weddings are the perfect excuse to dress up and look amazing but, how do you turn heads and receive compliments without upstaging the bride? Here are some rules to play by:

Always leave white, sequined, or skimpy things at home (but black is okay!).

2.Stick to the dress code.

Black Tie = Long Evening Gown
Black Tie Optional = Long or Cocktail-Length but kind of Fancy.
Semiformal = LBD - level of formality
Beach = Fun and Breezy

3.Pick shoes that will be kind to your feet. You WILL be wearing them for hours!! If you are set on cutenss over comfort, pack a pair of flip-clops in case you decide to  tear it up on the dance floor later!

4.If it's an outdoor wedding, skip the stilettos. You'll end up sinking into the mud and grass!

Author: Kaitlin Keller | Director of Content | Forever Bride
Information compiled from: Helin Jung | Cosmopolitan June 2013

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