Enjoying Your Big Day!

Once every detail of your wedding has been planned, all you have to do now is wait for the big day to finally arrive!  It will eventually all come to an end.  All you will have left are your memories of your wedding day.  So take it all in and enjoy having the day be all about you and your soon-to-be-husband!

Don't be stressed

When your wedding day arrives, be prepared for things to not go exactly the way you planned.  Things that are out of your control may happen. If pictures are running behind, try to focus on the positive and don't get too worried about it.  Photographers are prepared for these kind of set backs, so let them handle the stress for you!

Take a moment

The day goes by so quickly!  Make sure to have special moments with your man.  Pull him aside and have a private conversation.  Better yet, write a love note for him to read before he sees you in all of your bridal glory!

Say what you want

The day of your wedding is definitely the time to speak up and let people know what you want.  When you are working with your vendors, be sure you tell them what kind of pictures you want.  Be sure you tell the people working your reception if you feel like the temperature of the room is not where you would like it.  Today is the day that it is all about you and what you want!

All of your hard work will pay off.  In the end you will have married the man of your dreams and your wedding will be the result of your love for each other.  I am sure you will be pleased with the outcome of your wedding.  Enjoy being the beautiful bride that you are!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Advice | Forever Bride

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